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  • Scott Davis talks about developing QONQR for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

    I've been playing on the Windows Phone since it was very early in, I saw the first few interviews about it on youtube. I've put a lot of effort into protecting my geo area and the support has always been great. 

    Super fun game, even more so now that there are more faction gamers competing for the locations my bases are in. Sad to say I'm now getting my butt handed to me by better gamers lol.

    If you do get a chance to play it, grab it and try and help out the faction in your area Smiley


    Great interview and some nice insight into the game. The Windows 8 app really helps. I use them both. Windows 8 app for a overview of the area watching for areas that are getting picked off.


    Would love to have xbox live integration, even if there are achievements so prove my worth lol. But the integration into the 360 would be amazing to have actual real world area affecting in-game action. I can't help but think of a game such as PlanetSide where the in-game world take over is affected by the real world players etc. Exciting times if they could pull it off.

  • Hot Apps: Earthworm Jim HD, Mini Squadrom, Dress Pal, Grantophone, Ski Guide



    @kotsoft clicking the link loads the zune software and it says can't open, not for your location. I'm in the UK.

  • Hot Apps: Earthworm Jim HD, Mini Squadrom, Dress Pal, Grantophone, Ski Guide

    To be honest, there is a huge gap in quality apps and games on windows phone and the ones that are there are very expensive compaired to their smartphone rivels. 69p for angry birds on the iOS, free on Android and then £2.99 on the Windows Phone.

    Coupled with having to pay for xbox live games again, such as ilomilo, on the windows phone (for £3.99) that were previously brought on the xbox live arcade (800ms points) I don't see how this is a intergrated experiance. Feels more like an expensive experiance.

    I love the windows phone though, the interface once you get used to it much better then any others.


  • Show Us Your Tech: 'Softie Builds Nuke Reactor in Garage

    @Kaylee O:

    I would have given my right arm to do something like this in my school years.

  • No Network Activity Indicator in Windows 7: But Why?

    I always used the task manager's network tab to see activity on the network.

    I'd have liked to have seen a way to limit network speed from within Windows 7 itself though, I share my broadband connection and simple browsing websites can create annoying lag spikes for people in games. I'm using 3rd party network limiter at the moment, but its not ideal to say the least.