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  • Ping 100: HaloFest, Kinect you in Carbonite, Talking to the wall, Ping celebrates 100!

    I always look forward to your show - one of the best on Channel 9.  Keep of the good work at bringing us the news from MicrosoftLand.

  • Inside C# 4.0: dynamic typing, optional parameters, covariance and ​contravaria​nce

    Perhaps I'm missing something here - and somebody can point this out to me.  In regards to default parameters and named parameters, is this done at the compile time or run time?  If I am calling a external class as such Foo(x:1,y:1), and they change there class from Foo(x, y) to Foo(z,y), would I still work because it still has the same type of footprint because it was done at compile time?  I think it would, from what I got out of it.  However, if I recompiled mine, I should get an error as x no longer exists, and I should change it to z.  Now how about default params?  If I call Bar(x:1) to a defined method of Bar(x, y=3), then I would make the call with a value of 3.  But if the method is changed to Bar(x, y=7), do I make the call now with a 7 or a 3 - is it based on compile time or runtime?  I would hope it is runtime, as you grab the current value based on the current metadata of the class - but I don't know.