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  • IE 9: Standards and ​Interoperab​ility

    You're absolutely right - mind you with Apple kicking up a stink about <video> in HTML5 we've probably got years of this crap to come.


    Waiting for the Direct X video to download, because even the idea of that screams more of the same Silverlight BS "We didn't like the way others were doing things so we did it our own way as a plugin so no one could complain about standards".


    Guys, get IE rendering as well as Webkit/Gecko (that includes HTML5), then add stuff.

  • IE 9: Standards and ​Interoperab​ility

    Interestingly the Silverlight include doesn't even work correctly (under Windows 7 no less), the first time I visited the page, it just downloaded the video (Incidentally, it's a WMV which is again a closed standard no one wants).


    No, the download link is not very clear, and could do with some open formats so I don't have to play games to play WMVs.


    Oh, and "Most Used" != "Most Popular" popular things don't enjoy a constant, rapid decline in use.


    Killer Acid 3 score by the way Wink