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I am a 51 year old computer engineer living in India.


  • Tony Williams: Co-inventor of COM

    COM had the goal to fit legacy and new applications on a local computer for reuse. It achieved that. But DCOM did not succeed in the Internet age. Hence Internet is laying to rest COM.


    SOA has the goal to fit legacy and new applications for reuse over Internet. It is achieving that. It has enough momentum to succeed. I do think that SOA is enabling efficient and cost effective reuse.


    An Indian online bookstore I visit is using a US bookstore’s Web Services (May I call it SOA?) to give me seamless Indian experience. It has achieved efficient and cost effective reuse. SOA is another way Internet is laying to rest COM.

  • Tony Williams: Co-inventor of COM

    Internet is laying to rest and finally will lay to rest COM.

    SOA is the new COM. But this time the environment is better. There is development support in terms of Windows Communication Foundation. And there is better adoption, both camps (Java and .Net) have embraced it.
  • Barry Bond: Emulation, Emulation, Emulation

    Great Video!

    Do you emulate phone features? What do you do about SMS, MMS, Camera, Video Camera and Media Playing?

  • PhotoSynth: What. How. Why.

    Suddenly, taking a lot of essentially free pictures (no film) of a structure with a digital camera makes a lot of sense. After PhotoSynth has been released and is easy to use, it will revolutionize real estate because it will be very easy to show a 3D visit of a house once a lot of pictures are taken. It will also increase sales of digital camera memory modules (one module for a set of pictures of a structure). It will also affect flickr partially. Flickr mostly has two kinds of pictures, people and structures, structures part of the pictures will require something like this because now (after PhotoSynth), a set of pictures together are more important than an individual picture.


  • Erik Meijer: ​Democratizi​ng the Cloud

    MSIL to JavaScript is important. My fear is that it may be a difficult feat to pull off technically.

  • ASP.NET HOW DO I Video Series: Membership and Roles

    This video is same as Masterpages video!