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  • Alan Cooper - Questions after his keynote

    Zeo wrote:
    I'm not familair with the Access history he spoke about, anyone know more about what exactly took place? 

    As I understand it, Access 1.0 is the 3rd iteration on the 3rd technology framework (i.e. Ruby aka Pre-VB engine, Silver?)

    The 2nd iteration, if I recall correctly was called Omega and was around the same time as Opus(?) which was the WinWord 1.0 alpha/beta. Rumour has it that everyone loved Omega (and I think I saw a running beta) but one man stood against it, Bill Gates.

    Pressure was big on Microsoft shipping a database system, remembering that a company called Ashton Tate had a killer application called dBase while Microsoft was repackaging something called Cobol and RBase(?)

    I never saw the 1st iteration. The 2nd iteration looked sweet, considering the technology of the time, but I had not used nor was competent with db to touch it (as opposed to I am now totally incompetent)

    When looking at the support for legacy code that would have been strapped to Microsoft with the Omega release, there would definitely not have been the same after-market for Access.

    Sam T.