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  • Surupa Biswas: CLR 4 - Resilient NGen with Targeted Patching

    What are the performance benefits of running JITed code against ngened code. Are the performance improvements significant? What are the criteria to use ngen native images instead of plain JITed code?

  • Windows 7 Graphics - WIC

    The WDDM 1.1 introduced with windows vista which is responsible for reduced memory consumption should be ported to Windows vista also and should not be exclusive to Windows 7. The desktop window manager consumes a lot of memory in windows vista depending upon the number of windows open. this feature would be nice to have in vista. why would Vista users have to suffer MS poor design decision early on with Windows Vista!


  • Singularity III: Revenge of the SIP

    Singularity would be a nice way to learn the development of an os from its root. so i would like the singularity team to consider open sourcing the singularity project. i know its a research project. but an os like linux had a similar history. opening it up would pace up its development and we might see a new os that may rival linux, windows in the next decade. i think MS should not pass up on such an opportunity.