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  • Getting started

    @ColinMurphy: Thanks Collin, with  latest worked.

    I am able to deploy tabular model project to azure analysis service using sql azure.

    But I want to retrieve data from tabular model using DAX query - what would be format of connection string to connect to azure analysis service to query data.




  • Getting started


    I am not able to connect to Azure analysis service instance from SSMS or not able to deploy tabular project from Visual studio.

    Even from PowerBI desktop , not able to connect to this new Azure analysis service instance.

    Do we need special account for login to AAS. AAD account is added in Admin blade.

    Please let me know if I am missing anything?



  • Understandi​ng handle leaks and how to use !htrace to find them

    I am alos not able to watch the video ....which tool helped to donwload wmv...?