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  • Project ​Compatibili​ty in Visual Studio 11


    It can work for database projects -- If you go ahead with the upgrade of the .dbproj, you can then do database project development in VS11 and roundtrip the new project with VS2010 with SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT). The .dbproj will upgrade to .sqlproj, which is the database project type of SSDT, and the .dbproj artifacts will be backed up. SSDT is replacing Team Foundation Database Projects in VS11, and is also available to install on Visual Studio 2010, free from the web here: . You can fully roundtrip the SSDT Database Projects (.sqlproj) between VS11 and VS2010 if you install SSDT on VS2010. There are a few .dbproj sub-artifacts that will not upgrade because they are not supported in VS11 at this point, including data generation plans and database unit testing. Check out the link above for more info about SSDT!