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  • The Coffeehouse

    I wouldn't really call Scoble and Rory egotistical, probably because they are very modest about the contributions they make.

    I do have some other communites to contribute to. Or maybe read a book or do something else constructive.

    .... walks off into the sunset ...

  • Controversy Creates Cash

    Tensor wrote:
    So, the Violence was OK - but once Sex was involved, it became bad?

    That is what is really wrong with the USA. Priorities are mixed up. I would say these two things are opposites - one is for creating life, the other, destroying.

    Sadly this and litigation is become more widespread in the UK (and the rest of Europe I presume).

  • Niners with microphones wanted!

    Zeo wrote:

    Yea - Count me in. Although I don't know if I'm fairly well-known on the forums, and now that I'm actually a softie am I still eligible for participating?

    How come you don't have one of those Microsoft icons then?

  • The Coffeehouse

    Sabot wrote:

    Welcome to C9 WBurggraaf !

    Actually the Coffeehouse is famous for our boundary pushing conversations and you are most welcome to take part in any of them.

    Many new people find that C9 is, for the most part, an easy community to become established in because we don't operate a 'star' system based on how many posts you have.

    Their is no hierarchy here and it's really all about quality of contribution ... as long as it's legal, decent and honourable, it doesn't have to even be new!

    Don't worry about English not being your first language either ... it's not a problem at all.

    Anyway, you are most welcome ... if you have any questions, create a thread and share ... no such thing as a stupid question! ... or if you are a bit embarrased drop me an email, I'm happy to answer and questions regarding C9.


    New members soon find out who the top poster is as he often mentions it in posts. A big ego too. Too much free time on his hands perhaps?

  • The Coffeehouse

    Have a biscuit too.

  • And you think your job's boring....

    Rossj wrote:
    He looks almost human.

    Emphasis added [6]

  • And you think your job's boring....

    I guess someone has to do it.

  • New Version of AOL is released

    Its funny how AOL has never used Gecko (Firefox rendering engine) in its products (except for CompuServe) even though it owns Netscape. Does it have no trust in its own technology, or did Microsoft make a deal that they were locked into?

    If Mozilla technology was used, AOL software could be cross platform.

  • Firefox Developers Invade Redmond

    AndyC wrote:
    sbc wrote:
    What problems have you had with a limited user? You can install extensions and search engines without needing to be admin. Installing plugins (e.g. flash, acrobat etc), needs admin rights, but most are installed via exe downloads. What makes it a 'very broken experience'?

    Install Firefox as admin. Run it as a limited user, you'll get asked whether it should be the default browser. Click Yes. Notice how it doesn't become your default browser. Enjoy this fun every time you run it!

    Try it on a day when one of the non-optional updates comes out and the stupid thing won't run because it keeps failing to install it.

    Try setting things up as an admin so that limited users can just use it (proxy settings etc) and not break things they shouldn't meddle with.

    Can you even set a default browser per user? I always thought setting a default browser was for every user. I install Firefox as admin, then run it once with the same account.

    What happens when you start IE as a limited user (but something else is the default browser)?

    I've never had a problem with updates as a limited user (Firefox still runs, it just doesn't install the updates until logging in as admin).
    AndyC wrote:
    sbc wrote:
    Of course you need to be an admin to update the browser with security fixes, but that is the case with all browsers.

    Um, I run IE as a non-admin user on a daily basis and have never had a problem with the updating feature, because it was designed to work properly in the first place.

    I guess it installs updates when you log off then? Although I have only ever noticed the Windows update icon when logged in as admin.

    I wonder why I have never had the problems you have with Firefox - did you upgrade from older versions, or do a clean install (no profile folder or anything related to Firefox)?

  • Microsoft is suing FairUse4WM

    Shining Arcanine wrote:
    Jorgie wrote:
    Shining Arcanine wrote:
    Do you own any audio CDs or DVDs? In that case, you own music and video content without a license, as there was no license agreement.

    Sorry but you are wrong, at least in the US.

    It has already held up in court that you own the media, not the music.

    If it was not for the idea of *fair-use* you would not even be able to media-shift or make a backup.

    Purchasing a CD only grants a limited use rights to the contents.

    Just like the GPL, the fact that you are unaware of your rights, does not grant you any rights.


    You have no clue what I said, and it is my fault, as I was not clear.

    When you purchase a CD or DVD, you own that copy of it. You have fair use rights, such that you can watch and record the contents of it on any device that you own so long as it is for your entertainment (and perhaps your families' entertainment, as well as your friend's entertainment when they visit). You do not have distribution rights, the right to sell it or even the right to air in public, but you do have the right to do pretty much anything else with it.

    In failing to seek clarification of what I meant, you made an overarching statement that does not apply. Now you probably feel foolish.

    Perhaps Jorgie works for Sony BMG or the RIAA/MPAA as he seems very pro DRM.

    DRM seems to harm 'fair use' users more than pirates as they always find a way round it anyway. Your purchases are also tied to that company forever. Anything bought on iTunes has to be played on a iPod or iTunes. Even with Microsoft's DRM you are tied to a single vendor (you cannot cancel Napster and transfer the tunes over to Yahoo for example) and platform (you need a 'PlaysForSure' device or Windows PC).

    If DRM has to be used, then it shouldn't be controlled by a single vendor but operated by a non-profit consortium.