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  • LINQ to XML API and VB 9.0

    Sweeeeeet!  I haven't had the chance to watch the whole video but wow.  Good stuff!  XML as a datatype  AND with LINQ. 
  • Dr Sneath and Ian ​Ellison-​Taylor: Windows History

    I love to hear anything about MS history and these funny stories.  Very informative too.  I love it.. Keep em coming!
  • Managing IIS 7 with Windows PowerShell

    PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP!! woohoo!

    Niiice stuff!  Now i'll have to check out IIS.  I never really used IIS because it didn't support PHP.   I take it PowerShell is the old Monad shell (MSH) ?

    EDIT 2: Hey rory, nice touches with the textovers and all, not bad. I like it.  I didn't think i would, but now seeing some of your videos, good stuff! 
  • WCF Ships, Doug Purdy Dances, and Don Box Sings

    Rory wrote:
    I'll head back sometime in the next couple months to get a real interview rather than a National Geographic style documentary on developers in the wild after shipping
    My god, NO! Hehe.  "Next couple of months"?  Oh boy.  Why wait so long?  WCF is exciting stuff.   Its no wonder why they are all happy and wanting to party.  They've worked long and hard at this and they deserve a lil break.

    I haven't seen the whole video yet as its still downloading, I've only seen up to where what the "W" and the "C" and the "F" means to someone.  Speeds are slow tonight Sad  Usually I can start the download on my linux box and start up WMP and not have to worry about it stopping cause its out of stream.  its putzing along at 60-80BK/sec. 

    Anyways, yes, do more videos on WCF and stuff like that, demos on how to use WCF.  I Love these Don Box vids, they always seem to have "fun" in the overall theme of them.  Seems like a great guy to work for. 

    I saw a vid once, don't know where, but they were talking about WCF and reliable communication.  They showed communication without reliable communication, and with.  The results were like night and day.   If anyone knows what I am talking about please post the link to it? Smiley
  • Five on Nine - Pilot Episode

    Interesting new show, I look forward to seeing more. 

    The very first video of C9 coming out, they had a nice set up, and I think it would/might be good to use.  If thats what the C9 Studio was that Rory said earlier, then yea, use it! Smiley  Actually, I am surprised that It hasn't been used since then (as far as I can tell..)
  • A net-enabled Windows CE photo viewer

    Rory wrote:
    If you guys like this whole take-tech-thing-parts-and-build-a-cool-thingy-from-them thing, then you're really going to like some of the videos I'll be posting next week

    Yeah, back when I lived with my parents, I used to love to take apart things and see how they were put together, how they work, whats inside them etc.   To this day, I still do. 

    My mom told me once that I had started with little things, alarm clocks, radios, those lil walkie talkies, RC cars/tanks.  The earliest she remembers me doing that is when I was 5-6 years old.  I'd spend hours and hours down in the basement trying to get my hands on anything that I could take apart.   About the only thing I didn't take apart was the TV, Fridge or Stove, only because they were up where everyone could see me if I tried.

    Hahaha, once, I took apart a smoke/fire alarm and forgot to take out the battery.  I accidentally pushed the test button.  Scared the HECK outta myself big time.  To this day, I still get the creeps when coming near those smoke/fire alarms. 

    Now, its taking apart hard drives, switches, routers, hubs, VCRs, Motherboards.. Replacing whats broken and sometimes I get lucky and they work again!

    Rory wrote:
    It turns out that MS is full of people who like to build things. I had no idea until I started doing these interviews. When you go around and get to peek inside of strange people's offices, you learn a lot about them, and one thing I've learned is that basically everybody on campus but me has built a robot or a computer or HAL or something using off the shelf parts and AA batteries.

    They were all surprises, too. Some of the people in the interviews I'm going to be posting soon are people I found randomly - online or whatever - who just seemed like genuinely interesting people.

    It paid off. I can't wait to get this stuff up. That's why I'm still at work editing, compressing, and prepping it all.

    Hell ya, get em on here!
  • A net-enabled Windows CE photo viewer

    Mike Hall aways has a lot of interesting stuff!  Loved the lil mini fridge that was once on here.   I'm the same way, I really like getting my hands into/onto things and play with it/them/whatever might be around.  Always curious to see how things work.  

    Those ICOP boxes are really tempting.  Just how much would one of those be?  I think at one time I actually looked it up, and it came out to be around $150-$200, IIRC.. I'd love to get one of those maybe make it out to a lil file storage box instead of having this honkin big tower (two on my desk).  One is my main computer and the other is used as a play machine/storage for my music collection. 

    Now think of it.  One of those handsom looking lil ICOP boxes would do really nicely to replace this ugly most definately unnecessary big tower.
  • Reskin Your Application with the KevinButton

    haha funny.. you had me thinking the audio sync was off and I was "just" about to start adjusting it when you guys came out and said what you were doing. lol.

  • Windows Live Messenger - What. How. Why.

    A most excellent video.  I love to see what happens behind these clients and this video definately showed how things work behind the screen. 

    Yeah, the first thing I do when I get a client running is turn off the tabs, nudges/winks, shared backgrounds, turn off sounds.  I think the tabs are the most annoying thing, at least to me.  So its nice to see I can turn off a feature I don't like.

    As for allowing plugins. Woohoo!  way to go!  I bet there will be many plugins to come..  I look forward to looking at what is available as in the API and what we can do.
  • Karsten Januszewski: WPF

    very nice Charles/Karsten.  I love these videos of WPF.  Post more vids on WPF!  Bring back Karsten too!
  • Anders Hejlsberg - More C# Talk from C#'s Architect (Happy Birthday Video #3)

    Yup, again, an excellent video Smiley Always love seeing Anders.. 

    I've got two monitors set up.  One at 1152x864 (main) and another to my right at 640x400.  C9 videos are a lot better on the 640x400 than viewing them on the main screen (fullscreen).   Yes, there is a little blocking.  I watch all these videos on full screen.. the 320xXXX to me is a little small when viewed in windowed mode. Sad  perhaps encoding them to 640x480 might be a bit better?

    For the bitrates.. I get the 291kbps version.  The idea of bumping up the bitrate would be a good idea.  I bet a lot of others here on C9 would agree there too.  1000 would be overkill (would be nice).  Maybe 700?

    Anyways.. keep the excellent videos coming. Smiley

  • Bill Hill - A Hike Around Microsoft's Forests (Happy Birthday Video #5)

    excellent video Smiley  I love these long vids.  Never boring either. 

    Scoble, you got nothing to worry about.  Put more vids just as long up here or longer! Those little 2-30 min vids/parts of vids are like a tease.  I'd prefer seeing whole interviews and such in one shot.

    As for Bill Hill, he's always fascinating and love to see anything he has to say.  Its both entertaining, and a great learning experience.  He does great in front of the camera too.  Its almost as if he's looking directly at us and everyone there as he's talking.  I've seen others who have done this, but kinda looks like they are nervious..  Bill looks all calm and relaxed.  Excellent work Smiley

    The tour of the area was a great idea too. I love how everything is sorta wrapped around nature, and that people can go out there and enjoy/relax/recoup or get their ideas from the surrounding areas. 
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