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  • Singularity Revisited

    Thanks for doing these interviews guys, I am really enjoying them. As a CS student I haven’t gotten to learn much about where we are going with future OS’s, only where we've been. This work is extremely intriguing and makes me confident I'm in the right field (I mean come on - an OS research project has me excited). I can't wait to see part 3 of the video. My hopes for this project would be to push it as the successor to Vista. Cut the cord with legacy systems once and for all. With the new Intel and AMD virtualization technology coming out we can do some awesome stuff with virtualization, so why not run all our legacy apps (dos, 95, 98, XP, etc.) in a Virtual PC under Singularity. It seems to me that the transitioning from Vista to something as drastic as Singularity would not be as hard as in the past with this kind of technology. Most of the important applications would be rewritten in safe code within a few years, and anything not worth rewriting can just be run under the virtual machine. Anyways I know that’s not the point of the project I just hope people see the value in the system your building. Keep it up guys; I’ll be following your work.