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Some guy working at microsoft, thinking about platform evangelism and the PDC.


  • Steve Cellini - Meet the PDC Planning Team

    Bonk - thanks for the (great) questions. The short answer: We've been thinking alot about those specific topics. At the PDC we'll talk about the best paths for existing unmanaged apps and new managed apps, regarding how to take advantage of Longhorn, or "Light Up" on Longhorn, as we put it. This will be new information (as compared to PDC03). We will not be saying that you need to rewrite everything in managed code, in particular.

    Regarding your last question, re: Avalon & Multimedia - I'll ask someone to follow up on this thread with some guidance.

    Thanks - see you in LA?!?
  • PDC05 BuzzCast #2: A chat with *the* PDC Content Owner

    During the interview, Michael asked Jeremy how many PDCs there have been. FOr the record, PDC03 was the tenth PDC, so PDC05 will be #11.