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  • Sanjay ​Parthasarat​hy and Ben Riga - Healthcare demo of Windows Presentation Foundation (AKA Avalon)


    I have a problem regarding the LAB you provided, when i try to build the solution 6 errors occur all the same stating:

    "Unknown build error, 'Method not found: 'Void System.Windows.ThemeInfoAttribute..ctor(System.Windows.DictionaryLocation, System.Windows.DictionaryLocation)'.'  C:\Documents and Settings\administrator\Desktop\PRS305_Relyea\Lap\MyApp.xaml Lap"

    I have the following applications installed on my machine:
    - Visual studio 2005.
    - Microsoft windows SDK (the latest version December release)
    - WinFX runtime components 3.0 beta 2
    - Visual studio 2005 extension for winFX

    So if anyone can help me with this issue i will be more than grateful

    Thank You!