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schrepfler schrepfler CMB
  • Jim Hogg: Phoenix Framework

    Let say there's some code in places optimized to assembly code but for the PowerPC platform. Could Phoenix help a conversion of the pieces of code that target the PowerPC instruction set to Intel instruction set? Theoreticly of course, there's no need for such a thing I'm sure.
  • IE7: CSS Support?

    I'd have two more questions. First is wheter controls like the drop down still hover over div's and second is are you already writing code for CSS3 in order to support if from day one or will we have to wait years to adopt it (we'd love columns support Smiley and round borders as well)?

    Also it'd be very nice to know the MS stance on supporting SVG integrated in the browser (just open this with latest firefox) and MathML support?

    That said we'd like to see MathML support on the TabletPC power pack if anyone is listening. Ink + Math = Millions of students taking notes that have some meaning and that buy TabletPC's. Hello, is anyone listening?
  • Jim Hogg: Phoenix Framework

    I've sent a letter about a year ago to join the program as a independent student but as a support from a professor was needed in the end my application wasn't approved (either Java oriented teachers that don't use .net or teachers that don't want to get exposed, or get messed up with the legal part of it, very frustrating all together). However I was very very pleasantly surprised when I saw that it's now open to download for everyone.
    Thank very much to MS for allowing this to happen and I hope many great plugins for it come out.
    Before I download it, as it was mentioned in the video this is a framework for the backend, does that mean support for stuff like parsers, lexers etc, that could help develop a whole new language are out of this Framework?
  • Windows Shell Architecture

    I don't know to whom should I attribute blame, the shell guys or the BCL guys but one of the things that ticked me off (this was in the .net1.x timeframe, did something change since then?) when I tried to create a explorer type application was the inexistence of a nice wrapper to the  SHGetFileInfo, SHGetImageList and related methods so that we could have some sort of a dynamic image list that we can associate to our Controls. Also as ImageList was sealed it was very difficult to extend it and the closest thing I found to enable this kind of capability was this library but it had the drawback that once you use it you can't add custom images to it (at least I didn't understand if its possible, my c++ foo is not that good). So the question is, will you guys give us a nice managed wrapper to this kind of functionallity (both dynamic access to icon images and extensibility with custom icons)?
    Second thing I wanted to ask, will the limit of 14 overlay icons exist in Vista (I hope not, applications like TortoiseSVN are hitting that limit already)?
  • Open XML File Formats

    Does MS intend to publish any Java library that could generate this kind of XML files? If not, does it intend to publish a .Net library that could generate this kinds of files? If no on both prior questions, does anyone knows some other party that intends to develop a open source library like that?
  • Learn how 10 was made

    I'd have a question, when a user wants to log on he's presented with this cool looking form where everithing behind is darkened. Now, I thought that if a form is presented on a non-https connection an attack is possible because the possible attacker could change the form action target? Am I wrong on this?
    Second question, why not use also Passport with it (like channel9)?
  • Karsten Januszewski: WPF

    As far as ALT-TAB goes I think I prefer more Expose from MacOS then the rolodex, being able to see all windows at the same time looks more promising. Could that behaviour be changed and replaced after Vista ships?
  • “Developers are my life; I love them.” OK, how can you not want to find out more about who said tha

    When you guys say dependencies are you talking about library dependencies or do you use some other conotation?
    As I have to use Java in my professional life, I'm using a tool called maven2 that seems to be doing some really slick stuff with project management, dependency management, reporting, testing etc.
    If for Java in the begining there was Ant, later Maven and now Maven2 and Ivy, and if we do the same analogy with .net where there was first nant and now msbuild, I really haven't seen any alternative for a project management tool like maven (PS there's even a plugin for it to compile c# 1.0 code, very plugin-oriented framework) that's command line oriented. I mean I like Team System and all but as I'm not in it's target audience I belive it'd be nice if there's some kind of a open source counterpart to maven2.
  • Jenny Lam - Designing Experiences at Microsoft

    My desire is that Vista would support SVG icons. Also, locking people to a hand few of formats to customize the user experience is really frustrating (why not allow mp3's for user sounds or vector formats for desktop background?), I could have understood that in the windows 1.0 - XP timeframe but Vista should allow more leverage with that kind of stuff.
  • Michael Kaplan - Bringing Windows Vista to International markets

    If I wasn't clear please mail me individually. Also the US (and more than  100 other countries) officially recognized the Republic of Macedonia with it's constitutional name and not the FYROM acronim so that might be a good reason to change it.