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  • Dustin Hubbard - Demo of Tablet PC Experience Pack

    I know I can get the SDK running but without handwrithing recognition it's no fun (actually the ink seems edgy as well). However, it's far from saying that my tablet is bad, even though it's a lower end wacom tablet. It's primary use is for drawing (as most wacom's products are... this sound almost as ad perhaps I'm violation policy?) and it has pressure sensitivity but no tilt sensitivity (higher end pen's do have it) and resolution of 1016 dpi, 40 l/mm. As far as the comment 'what for', I think that the best use for it is drawing, but also it might be the natural way older and younger persons should approach the PC. Go ahead, sign your digital check with a mouse Smiley

    DanielRieck wrote:
    At least installing the Tablet SDK should add that kind of support.

    I think it does, to some degree. You can develop Tablet applications on a regular desktop, you don't even need any kind of pen device. Of course, testing the application is no fun when you have to write with the mouse. And since the handwriting recognition engine is missing, you can't test it all.

    I don't know about the Wacom boards, what's their native resolution for the pen? The Tablets' is several times higher than the screen.

    Are they pressure-sensitive? Can they check the 'ID' of the pen so an application can assign different styles to different users working at the same time?

    I agree it would be cool if regular desktops had this functionality, but for what? Tablets are designed to be carried around, and to use them when you can sit down and type or use the mouse. They're very useful to take notes in meetings, but I wouldn't want to have to work with them all day, because I can type way faster than I can write.

  • Dustin Hubbard - Demo of Tablet PC Experience Pack

    I belive that the PC evolution has proven that the number of different platforms has never been a negative factor in developing a common api for devices, if that was the case we'd have different drivers for each mouse and keyboard that we buy. I'd be more betting that MS is trying to target consumers at the top of the spending pyramid forgetting that there are a lot more possible adopters below. It's time to put the tablet back in all houses again (as I had one on an Apple IIe Wink
  • Dustin Hubbard - Demo of Tablet PC Experience Pack

    Does anyone think that Tablet support should be allowed for the "normal" XP editions? I have a Wacom board and I would love to be able to use it under my desktop system. Am I the only one?
    At least installing the Tablet SDK should add that kind of support.

  • Scott Guthrie - Talking ASP.NET and IIS 7.0, Part II

    Will IIS 7.0 work on Windows XP (SP2)?