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  • NavigateTo powered up with help from Windows Search in ​NavigateTo​All

    It's really a shame that I no longer trust the Windows Indexing results.  IMO, the ENTIRE disk/system should be indexed, not just directories which are default and manually added.  So many times I've searched for a filename to find no results but the file is there when I go spelunking with Explorer. Windows indexing is really an epic fail IMO.

  • VC++ Bytes 2-1: Create ​Declaration/​Definition with Oleg Kharitonov

    @gha1 @Gordon One caveat about Ctrl+K,Ctrl+O is that it only works if the .cpp and .h files are in the same directory. That's not the case in our codebase so that feature doesn't really work for us.

    The create decl/def refactoring is very handy and I'm looking forward to trying it out.

  • VC++ Bytes 2-2: New Front-End Compiler Features with Karl Niu

    Good stuff coming, thanks for the demo. A larger font size would help a lot in future videos.

    I agree with David L. -- a much better error message should be possible with the missing ctor.

  • What's new for WPF Developers

    To be helpful, topics I would have liked to have seen addressed:

    * Editor/Designer updates (check)

    * WPF performance improvements?

    * WPF airspace issues -- you know about those, right? Any hope we'll be able to get a visual brush with the WebBrowser in it one day?

    * Control improvements.  Any new controls on the horizon? Bug fixes?

    * Better OS shell integration on the horizon? Single-instance app support?

    * What the prospect of updating D3DImage to work with DX10 or 11?

    * Access to Milcore coming for perf?

    * Demo a cool styling example - where's Dr. WPF?

  • What's new for WPF Developers

    Sorry, this is quite a disappointing presentation. The only WPF-related content were the XAML editor changes which were nice and the WPF per-window DPI changes. The rest was general VS discussion of things like edit and continue, debugger, managed memory analyzer, NuGet, another Azure sales pitch. Loopback with WinStore app? we're choosing WPF for a reason -- our customers have told us they do NOT want WinStore apps.

  • GoingNative 26: The final* Episode

    A good explanation of the benefits of 'final'.

    This inspired me to double-check my C++/CLI code and I see a similar benefit if I use 'sealed' for my C++/CLI classes. Thanks for the nudge to try this Patrick and Gabriel!

  • Add a little spin to your next XAML project with Spinkit.Xaml

    Don't forget, XAML is used in WPF and SL as well. It's a bit disappointing to call this a "XAML" project. I was excited to see some new WPF goodness. Alas, this is a Windows Store project which happens to use XAML.

  • Introducing Image Watch - A VS 2012 Plug-In for C++ Image and Video Debugging

    One other note, after installing this and restarting VS2012 Up1 my color scheme changed. I have the MS theme editor and it unexpectedly switched from the Light theme to a Red theme.

  • Introducing Image Watch - A VS 2012 Plug-In for C++ Image and Video Debugging

    So close to being useful.  We don't use OpenCV but would love to get the natvis description for some common MS formats such as:

    Gdiplus::Bitmap, Gdiplus::Image, WIC Images, HBITMAP

  • Designing Windows 8 Line of Business Apps Revisited

    Have to agree with some of the comments about the UI. If I had to use something like this daily I'd go nuts. Metro UI may be okay for music/news/games apps but something as simple as this starts to reveal the limitations of this UI language. There is just way too much functionality buried under rocks. The application loses it's discoverability in exchange for a barren UI.

  • Graphic Improvements in Windows 8

    Have to agreewith KawaiiGardiner. Why no updates for Desktop devs?  When will we be able to safely and speedily mix D2D and WPF graphics on the desktop?

  • Inside Windows 8: Martyn Lovell and Elliot H Omiya - The Windows Runtime

    "For better or for worse, desktop apps are desktop apps." -- this quote makes me sad. It says to me that no investment has been made to improve the desktop developer's life. As a scientific data visualization tool, our app has MANY windows (and needs all of them). We would LOVE to do XAML UI in C++ with our desktop app. A Windows Store app makes no sense at all for our app. What do we desktop devs have to look forward to?  We use WPF now (from C++/CLI) but it's just too darn slow and uses .NET but only so that we can use WPF + XAML.