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  • Carnegie Mellon Robotics Lab

    Yeah, more than a few weeks, I shot this back in January and just never ran it for some reason. It's just a really cool tour. Has almost nothing to do with Microsoft. Today's my last day in the office, Friday is my last day as a paid employee. Oh, and I have a bunch of other videos that'll run over the next few weeks.
  • Eric Faller and Savraj Dhanjal - Ribbon ​Extensibili​ty in Office 2007

    gdesroches wrote:
    The stream breaks at the 1:00 mark. Even if I re-connect and try to skip to that point.

    Weird, it's happening here too. I'll try to get that fixed.
  • Lee Bandy on IPv6

    Nah, the interviewer wasn't me. I forget who did this one, though.
  • Lee Bandy on IPv6

    brian2k1 wrote:
    Sweet so I guess I could convert it to RM or an animated gif too Smiley

    My question was more of a suggestion or request to the admins of Ch  9. I would hope the people who watch Channel 9 already know they can convert the files to other formats. Obviously they offer direct downloads so making it available in iTunes format isn't out of the question.

    If I had my CHOICE of hardware. I would have a pocketPC with a 30gb harddrive instead of an ipod video 30g. (hint hint) Or even better a reasonably sized phone with a pocketpc and 10-30gb hard drive which I could store whatever I wanted wmv, mp3, ect... formats and play them all.

    We're looking at doing that. already does just that and that team is part of the Channel 9 team as well.
  • Jessica Arnold gives us a look at Outlook 2007

    It violates my living room rule. It's rude and not polite. And, yes, it is discriminatory cause I don't see you treating the men here that way. It sends a message that you're only interested in women's bodies, not their minds. We as an industry have a tough enough time trying to get women interested in geekier fields, so I'm pretty senstitive to this kind of behavior.
  • Jessica Arnold gives us a look at Outlook 2007

    I usually just delete posts that are sexist. Smiley
  • Jessica Arnold gives us a look at Outlook 2007

    Yeah, my boss is Jeff Sandquist. We got a new camera, which makes things a lot nicer.
  • Brad Uhrich - Metropolis

    We don't edit very often, but sometimes we have to. Everyone who is on the video approves their video and can ask us to pull things out.
  • Windows Presentation Foundation - Everywhere?

    JEmlay wrote:

    Great info.  Looking forward to playing with this.  Although I'm not sure how I feel about the continuation of distributing binaries across the iNet.

    Side note: Why does the interviewer (whoever it is) insist on laughing INTO THE MIC?!?!?!?!  He does that on every single video.  I try to watch these videos at work and you have to crank up the volume just to hear the interviewees speaking then you need to leap for the volume every time that guy laughs.  QUIT YELLING INTO THE MIC!!!!!  Learn to work your equipment!

    The interviewer is me. I have a good time at work, sorry.

    We use cheap camera equipment and only use the microphones on the camera. I try to not laugh so much, but there's not much I can do about it.

    Yes, I've heard I should use lapel microphones. I've tried that and they don't work for me. I don't have an audio crew along.
  • Wandering around Maker Faire

    LaBomba wrote:
    Let's get some Scoble feedback on this video...

    Hey Scoble, anything you would have done differently with this video?

    I was at Maker Faire with my son. We attended the paper airplane class.

    I guess that answers that question. Smiley
  • Wix team: The most used piece of software at Microsoft (and it's open source!)

    IRenderable wrote:
     Windows isn't used more?!?!

    To use Windows you have to install it. So WiX is used more. Smiley
  • Navigating officer on super tankers?! You heard right.

    I'll be at TechED Europe too (the rumor is I'm interviewing Bill Gates on stage)! Oh, the trouble we could get into!
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