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scobleizer scobleizer I'm the video guy
  • How to Hate Microsoft?

    One of my most-read, and most-memorable weblogs was the "how to hate Microsoft?" one I wrote just before the PDC last year.

    The comments there influenced Channel9. We wanted a better place to come and discuss these kinds of issues. And now we have it. So, let's continue the conversation I started there. What do you hate about Microsoft? What would you like to see it change?

  • eWeek's Excellence Awards

    eWeek's Excellence Awards are among the most prestigious for a company to win.

    What awards do you consider prestigious? Me? The best award is when people say "this product has improved my life" on their weblog or in the newsgroups.

  • Real-life corporate transparency

    Corporate transparency. It's the buzzword going around the echo chamber lately. But, how do you get really transparent? Get you involved? Do we have to bug Bill Gates' office? Nah, that won't work. Instead we're going around campus with hand-held video cameras and talking to people working on the projects you care about. Plus, we're starting conversations so you can tell people how wacky or cool you think their ideas are (and add your own ideas to the table too). Join in!