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scobleizer scobleizer I'm the video guy
  • Good luck, Robert Scoble.

    Thanks, really appreciate it, and I will still be hanging out on Channel 9, albeit as a normal 9-er now.

    I wonder what kind of trouble I can get into now? Hmmm.

    What should I do with my video camera on my last week here while my badge still works?

  • Channel 9 is NOT dead (from Scoble)

    Cider wrote:


    Am I taking that you are going to do this same sort of video interview thing with podtech?  What would be cool is if you figured something out so you could post those podtech interviews here too.  Kinda of give Channel 9 a cross-industry feel.

    I'm sorry to hear you are leaving, strangely more disappointed to see you go to a Web 2.0 startup.

    But if you are, there is one industry that will embrace podcasting like none other:  education.  Look into it.  I was talking to a few people high up in both US and UK colleges and Unis the other day and its really seen as the big thing.  Vlogging, though, as I have always said, is a bunch of useless crap where only pretty vloggers get any hits!

    I'll be trying a bunch of different things, not just video interviews.

  • Scoble: The Exit Interview

    Manip wrote:
    jeffsand wrote: So what do you want us to ask Robert?  Start the questions here...

    If he believes that Blogs are social networks, and if they are then do they follow known patterns like Dunbar's number, and the Small world phenomenon.

    Or adversily if they are a form of meta-system in which opinion, social contact and news come together to form a new medium of contact and information sharing.

    Further more what drives the blogger? Is it a sense of ego gratification in which they receive an ego boost from third party attention, and feel special / important, which has a positive effect on their self-esteem. Or perhaps a way to eliminate frustration from day to day life (e.g. an outlet) or maybe they believe that blogging is a pathway into a career into journalism or another field?

    It's the extra sex we get. Women are attracted to bloggers.

    Don't believe it? Check this out: http://www.jetsetblog.com/travel/2006/05/scoble_is_sexy.html


  • As one departs...

    Sampy is a great guy. Too bad we won't get a chance to work together closely, but this is yet another reason why Channel 9 has much more life in front of it than behind it.

  • Scoble would hate to hear it, the World's No.1 popular blog

    I don't hate it at all. If a geek had the #1 blog something would be wrong with the world.

  • Has Bill pulled out of Tech-Ed Europe ?

    As of now I'm still going. Not sure what'll happen, though.

  • Channel 9 is NOT dead (from Scoble)

    I'm not leaving Channel 9.

    Why leave right before Windows Vista comes out?

    Cause I see that it will open up rafts of new business opportunities.

  • Scoble: The Exit Interview

    Oh, crud, Charles asks hard technical questions.

  • Channel 9 is NOT dead (from Scoble)

    I see a lot of consternation about Channel 9. You think you're getting rid of me that easily? Heh!

    We're going to be spending a day with Bill Gates by the end of the month.

    Channel 9 is not dead. Not by a long shot.

    One of the reasons I could leave Microsoft is cause I knew Channel 9 was in good hands.

  • Is it just me?

    It's hard to keep a community interesting, isn't it?