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scobleizer scobleizer I'm the video guy
  • I miss Scoble

    I'm back, as of today, and have lots of videos coming. Thanks for the kind thoughts and sorry for disappearing for several weeks.

  • Who is minimsft

    You guys make me laugh!

    One difference between Mini and me? He is a better writer.

    But, this can all be settled. Jay Greene of BusinessWeek can verify that we're different people.

  • Scoble isn't a mindless drone after all...

    Thanks everyone! And, don't worry, I'm taking lots of time lately to enjoy life.

  • So sorry Scoble

    Thanks, appreciate the kind thoughts!

    I am looking forward to being back working on Channel 9, but probably will take another week off.

  • No Vista B2 or Office B2 video, why?

    Sorry for not having any video ready. The past two weeks have been quite nuts and we have about 50 videos already in the bag. I need to get those out.

  • New Videos!

    I have about 50 videos in the bag. I'm way behind. Duncan has been helping us out a lot. We'll try to do some more fun campus videos.

  • Addiction

    I'm addicted. No place like

  • PS3 to come with full Linux

    blatzcoder wrote:
    Sabot wrote: I didn't mind anyone using my code and making it better, or even selling it, but it was more than just the code, it was also the idea which was just ripped off. The worse thing was that the Linux community hail it as a killa-app and I never got any credit. My voice was lost in a hail of false praise.

    I'm not a megalomanic but it would be nice not to have to pay a morgage and send my kids to a nice school and not a comp.
    That's probably my main issue, too...the stealing of the actual idea. I suppose that is a known risk going in, but I can see how someone could completely take over your idea and claim it as their own (I've had people do this to me before with other things). I'm also glad the laws changed (too little too late now I suspect in many cases). I'm not sure what could be done to counter that issue.

    It would be nice if you were forced to credit anybody that has ever worked on a product, although I suppose over time that gets out of hand, too.  

    If you license your code under the GPL, it's NOT stealing if I come along and grab your source code, recompile, and say it's my app. As long as I give back any improvements I make, you can't complain.

    This is one reason that Microsoft is so anti the GPL. There's no way to make an application differentiated in such a world.

    Differentiation (er, scarcity) is what people pay for.

    Getting credit? Inventors rarely get enough credit for their inventions. Most people don't care who invented something.

  • Condolence thread for Robert

    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it.

  • Video request: Testing or/and developing ​methodologi​es

    Great ideas. In some of the videos coming up we talk about Scrum and Waterfall and such. Also, testing comes up in a few future videos as well.