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  • Visual Studio Toolbox: Productivity Power Tools Part 1

    Have been using this awesome tool for a while now, and this video taught me more.

    If only there was a way to get rid of the standard Solution Explorer.

    Please cover the Source control featues in the Team Explorer plug-in if possible, especiallly why Get Latest does not get some files...and how to Force Get and use Shelving.

    Thanks for the nice show.


  • New Home Page, Smooth Streaming added to Channel 9 today

    unfortunately, i liked the previous design because I could see all the main topics and stories at a glance.

    The new design seems a step backward wrt design principles, where you are kind of hiding info. and wasting the user's time to click or wait for the timer to cycle through stories.

    Discoverability is an issue but I'm guessing that your primary user comes directly to the website rather than search for topics and come here.

  • TWC9: Best of 2010

    do we need to log in to Live to view Channel 9? wtf?

  • Behind the Scenes at PDC 2010

    great stuff. thanks to the entire production team.

    I was very impressed with the music in between shows. Who were the artists or producers or label providing the music?