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  • What's Microsoft Speech Server (Beta)?

    Cool technology - my commends to the team. A lot of companies tried (and have built) similar applications, but the power of the Workflow and integration w/ the VS 2005 is a great differentiating factor.

    My question:

    Does the MSS 2007 (now in the OCS) provide or plan any third party telephony product connection points for integration purposes? E.g., could companies which have already invested in conventional IVR/self-service applications utilize the power of the MSS 2007 (speech side). I am not talking about VoiceXML, but specifically about the Workflow and SR/TTS features. Questions such as associating 'speech channels' with 'IVR scripts' come to mind.

    Again, job well done (hope, that accuracy and performance will be as good as the architecture Smiley ) .