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  • Geeking Out in Barcelona

    Maybe i do need to lighten up a little and maybe i was taking things the wrong way. Definately good to actually get a guys perspective.

    I would actually confess that i have been attracted to a geek guy for their geekiness, guilty as charged.

    ftr i like star trek, with the exception of TOS.
  • Geeking Out in Barcelona

    thank you charles.

    i do get sick of how in my department virtually any geek guy gets  infatuated with all the girls who are into code and programming.

    It's never about her (or me) as a person and i find it offensive.

    We are just like you, we enjoy the challenge of solving problems and thinking in code just like you. A new CTP makes me hyper.

    I just happen to be female. i think i speak for all of us when i say i'd just like to be related to on the same level as a fellow programmer

    Very cool. I'm excited about the possibility of doing a demo of my Jakira Studio project (a WYSYIG development environment for 3D games) as an XBAP as a way to still offer a demo but not have the problems offering a trial version download which will enivitably be cracked.

    The extensive 3D support in WPF makes it the logical UI choice for the full version of the application as well.