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Florian S.

Florian S. sevenacids

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  • Developing Apps using the Common XAML UI Framework

    Sure it's nice to have this common XAML framework now for mobile, but I'm still not convinced that "apps" will be the answer to all scenarios in the future. Maybe for consumers, but I don't see them fit for professional use cases and tools that require a deeper level of system access or extensibility. Sandboxing just ain't suitable for that. As of today, the platform actively prevents third-parties from building competitive browsers because they cannot benefit from JIT-compiled JavaScript, and an application like Visual Studio wouldn't be possible without removing one of its key strength that allows for third-party extensions.

    I really hope when they are finished with the mobile obsession and made that platform solid, they'll find some time to spend on the desktop side of things again.

  • Windows Desktop Development: A Panel Discussion

    Please ask them about the future of WPF - I guess there are a lot of people out there who like to know and deserve an answer to this question.

  • The Future of C#

    I'm really looking forward on this one and really hope we'll get some new bits to work with.

  • Developing Apps using the Common XAML UI Framework

    WPF being phased out - isn't that the route they're going, if you read the signs of the time? I just went through the session list of this Build, and there's not a single one about WPF development except for a panel discussion (see here). WPF is like dead in the water for at least two years. No words on its future, improvements, if they plan to let it take advantage of the native XAML stack etc. I hope there'll be some folks asking the right questions...

  • Windows 8 App for Channel 9 now available

    The app is good, but...

    Feature Request: A "Recent" category that lists all the content that I recently watched, because sometimes I get interrupted and have to search for it again when I come back later.