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  • Lori Lamkin - Making things better on Visual Studio Team Foundation team

    Why is the audio on C9 videos always so quite? You guys really need to work on this.
  • Peter Wengert - Inside Microsoft Automotive

    Excellent video, I would love to have some of that tech in my car. With respect to the Cellphone-GPS feature, does anybody know/is anybody allowed to divulge how this can be done? I know pretty much all modern cellphones are GPS enabled, but it was my understanding that most Cell carriers don't have it enabled for anything besides 911 calls. Can any GPS phone do stuff like this? Was that a MS phone in the vid? Do I have to develop/purchase a custom app for my cellphone to push GPS info to the Net (a webservice) and/or display it? Is there a way I can get at the GPS info for my phone remotely (i.e. Cellphone Lojack)? I use verizon, but I'd be interested if anybody knows of any carrier that provides any of this functionality.
    Thanks for any info, and thanks for posting this way cool vid.
    -Paul Wheeler