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  • Nick Baker: XBox 360 Architecture

    Well Charles I do apologize if my first post wasn't polite.  You have to understand the frustration behind having 2 consoles break down in less than 2 years. 

    I am Xbox Fan.  360 is my only console, and I have continuously subscribed to Live since day 1 (over 4 years I believe).  This generation has been the worst experience of my life (in regards to gaming).  What makes it worse is the perception that MS is covering their own behinds at our expense.  I'd ask you Charels, as a customer how should we interpret MS making a whole new console in the Elite and doing nothing to fix reliability except for slapping some glue on the CPU/GPU?  It shows me that that MS does not care about us or it's reputation.  They could of used the elite to make a more reliable system and instead they used the same parts with the same unreliable internal setup.  They didn't even wait a few months for the 65nm chips.

    The only thing saving MS right now is Live.  I'm fed up with them and as a customer I don't think I've ever been  so disappointed.  As soon as Sony get's it's act straight with online, I'll be gone.

    I can't recommend the 360 to anyone I know.  How sad is that?  My favorite console with my favorite games and I can't in good conscious tell a friend to go out and buy the system. 

     MS is more worried about avoiding losing a class action lawsuit and denying a problem rather fixing the problem.  My only hope is that they do the smart thing then.  When the 65nm chips come out, use that opportunity to shrink the motherboard so you have a excuse to remove the X clamp.  Replace the X clamp with something that will not allow the board to flex and pop the chips.  That way when your defending the many class action lawsuits you can say the X clamp wasnt' removed for reliability problems, but rather because the MOBO was shrunk and it no longer fit correctly.
  • Nick Baker: XBox 360 Architecture

    Excuse me Charles, but saying my post was personal attacks and mindlessness is uncalled for.   I'm on my 3rd Xbox 360 and when MS isn't busy deleting posts about broken consoles you will find 1000's of them across the internet on every video game related message board in the world.

    To prove my point I'll direct you towards NEO-GAF which has a thread titled "MY Xbox 360 died and I lived to tell the story"  that thread alone has almost 4,000 replies.  It's a problem and if calling the lead designer out for those problems is mindlessness and is inappropriate because you work for MS then so be it.  I don't work for MS and I have had my console visit the Texas repair center and it's not fun.  If the lead designer can't be held accountable would you please direct me to who is so I can bring my concerns to that person.
  • Nick Baker: XBox 360 Architecture

    [Editied away by Charles... Please refrain from personal attacks and mindlessness here. Thanks.]