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Wong Shao Voon

Wong Shao Voon shaovoon

Niner since 2010

  • Azure Premium Storage Demo

    So when is GPU instance coming to Azure?

  • TWC9: Windows 10: The Next Chapter Episode

    Hololens is cool, can't wait to get my hands on the SDK! I hope MS will also release the communication protocol specs so that dev can develop third party SDK for iOS and Android,

  • Azure Case Study Video-Mundoloco

    So the frames are done using CPU or GPU rendering?

  • DirectX: Evolving Microsoft's Graphics Platform

    The presentation fails to mention if the Direct3D 12 improves on the FPS or score of the 3DMark other than dividing the workload evenly between CPU cores, it could be that 3Dmark demo is pretty much over-saturated the GPU. One thing I dun like about 3DMark is that they dun reflect real games. 3DMark just throw zillions of triangles to stress the GPU whereas games are optimized and reduce the triangles sent and rendered, and balance the act of achieving same level of aesthetics with less triangles and better FPS.

  • Ping 175: Wp app for Droids, Forbes Wifi, Next Xbox, Bing Offers

    , PaulMest wrote


    Brilliant. By not posting Ping, we could drive more traffic to Channel 9!  I'm surprised that my personal blog doesn't have more traffic.  Maybe I should post even less! Wink

    That massive traffic is basically wasted: Nobody watches other Ch9 shows until they got their weekly Ping fix!!!

  • Ping 175: Wp app for Droids, Forbes Wifi, Next Xbox, Bing Offers

    Last week, Channel9 traffic got surged up to 631% because peeps kept coming back to check for the missing Ping episode. This is unforgivable!

    For me, the killer XBox feature is MS would release a native SDK for hobbyists; I would go out to buy the next XBox just becos of that. XNA just dun cut the mustard.

  • C9 Lectures: Stephan T Lavavej - Advanced STL, 1 of n

    @Charles: Keep C++ TV video length at 40+ mins, ok? Because I always couldn't wait till I get home to watch the STL videos. I usually watch it at workplace during lunchtime. 15mins lunch and 45 mins of STL goodness! Big Smile

  • C9 Lectures: Stephan T Lavavej - Advanced STL, 1 of n

    Hi STL, excellent video on shared_ptr. I always look forward to your STL videos. I have some STL questions I hope you can answer. My user suggested to me to implement iterators for iterating elements in my open-source xml library. Is it possible to implement my own iterators to work with the STL algorithms in VC8, VC9 and VC10? It will be best if my custom iterators can work with algorithms in all STL implementations out there.

    I am thinking of rewriting my own next_combination algorithm to take advantage of bidirectional and random access iterators. Right now, it only uses the least-common denominator iterators (bidirectional iterators) which is slow because the algorithm has to increment íterator 1 by 1, instead of 'jumping' to the required iterator. Is it possible to write my algorithm to work with all VC(8,9,10) STL iterators or all STL implementations? Are the iterator trait tags the same?