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  • Introducing Visual Studio 2010 Scrum 1.0 Part II

    Almost all of these kinds of videos on channel 9 are pretty poorly produced (no offense).  I think it is because everyone is pressured to "perform live" and they are typically doing this for free, so they might not have the time to prep (and work through the technical kinks) as much as they would have if they were getting paid.  Plus they are typically phoning it in (literally).  I know these guys do like a thousand of these kinds of demos. It would be nice if they would be able to "replace" the live meetings with a cherry picked presentation from their collection of recorded presentations.

    Don't get me wrong though, the "live" presentation is an awesome forum for early access and insights from thought leaders.  However, once the materials and content are more commonly available, I think it would serve the public and the presenter's best interest to replace the unrefined edition with a more polished presentation. 

    I think there is a philosophy that keeping them "organic" takes the pressure off everyone with their own presentations and perhaps helps us to learn to deal with imperfection better in our daily lives.  Despite the technical glitches, we generally get the gist of the topic, and we get a few good pointers to take away at least.

    I definitely enjoyed this presentation and the numerous others.  So thanks for continuing to provide the forum and top notch speakers.