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shreyasonline shreyasonli​ne Push The Limits !
  • Microsoft has nowhere to run; Developers leaving Windows desktop

    JChung2006 wrote:
    corona_coder wrote:
    I predict in 2009 OS/2 will have more marketshare than Windows.

    QFE.  corona_coder has clearly lost his mind.

    I second that... and predict that by 2015 there will be more birds swimming in ocean than the fish but, later by 2050 fishes will learn to fly as there will be no space left in the oceans for all of them!

    Shreyas Zare

  • Vista DHCP errors, why and how do I fix them?

    Try using any network packet analyzer like Wireshark or Ethereal and checkout whats hapenning. Most probably it may be a network problem.

    Shreyas Zare

  • Vista Security : This can't be true.

    ZippyV wrote:
    Rossj wrote:So the name of the file triggers the UAC request?

    Yes, because 99% of the installers need admin privileges. It's pure for backwards compatibility reasons.

    Ya. And 90% of the common users would just click Yes to remove the annoying thing in front of them. Plain human psychology nothing else.

    Shreyas Zare

  • Free Software: Jealousy in Disguise?

    phreaks wrote:
    sirhomer wrote:
    phreaks wrote: 
    sirhomer wrote: 
    phreaks wrote: 
    sirhomer wrote: I support free software because I love computers, not toasters.

    Do you get free bread for toasting?

    I didn't have to sign a NDA or EULA to get a loaf of bread from the supermarket.

    And you don't eat software or resell/re-share bread

    I am gonna compare an orange to an Al Paca, doesn't make alot of sense; but I am gonna do it anyway.

    Computers are becoming more like toasters everday.

    How, exactly is that

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Got it now ? !!!

    Shreyas Zare

  • IE7 favicon.ico Bug ?

    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:
    nachbar wrote:

    I am having the same thing on my website:


    I have a 32 x 32 favicon.ico in the root (www.plastic.org/favicon.ico).  I also tried adding the link tags, and have tried several versions without success.  My IE7 shows other sites' favicons (including channel 9) in the address bar.  I have also tried turning off IE add-ons, and have tried deleting my temporary internet files

    I get the favicon saved when I save the site as a favorite in IE6 (that is true even the main site, at www.plastic.org, which doesn't have any link tags).  However, with IE7 I neither get the favicon saved with a favorite nor get the favicon in the address bar.

    Any ideas?

    Your favicon displays fine in IE7 here:

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    I too can see the sites icon in IE7.

    Shreyas Zare

  • New SPAMing Technique ?

    Its too much in volume now !! 99% of all my mails sinle last 2 weeks is this bounce spam mails. Really frustrating. WTH SPF is not getting implemented fast!

    Shreyas Zare

  • New SPAMing Technique ?

    Since few weeks I have been experiencing unusual amounts of a typical kind of SPAMing technique.

    What the spammers doing here is they send SPAM mails to any non existing email address on the net with the targets e-mail address. Due to this the email bounces back with the SPAM message to the target. Even having SPF record on the DNS does not help since there are many many e-mail servers who don't check SPF.

    Have you been experiencing similar problem ?

    Shreyas Zare

  • Memory Address Obfuscation in .NET Framework

    Have you read about Execute Disable Bit in Intel Processors? Intel says:

    Execute Disable Bit: This feature, combined with a
    supported operating system, allows memory to be marked
    as executable or non-executable. If code attempts to run in
    non-executable memory the processor raises an error to the
    operating system.

    Also there is Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in Windows already which work well on Intel processors.

    I have tried it myself on a Pentium D processor with DEP turned ON. When any attempt to execute data in memory is made, the program crashes.

    Shreyas Zare

  • Technitium MAC Address Changer v4

    Updated version 4.0 C4 now online. Bug fixed. Download here

    Shreyas Zare

  • Reject Vista because the FSF says so

    Bad Vista or Bad FSF Server?

    Shreyas Zare

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting