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  • Defrag Tools: #8 - Mark Russinovich

    I really hope Zero Day and Trojan Horse are released as audiobooks at some point. But until then I want to win Trojan Horse Smiley

  • Dean ​Hachamovitc​h: IE9 - Questions and Answers

    @Stilgar: You're missing the point.

  • Dean ​Hachamovitc​h: IE9 - Questions and Answers

    @Charles: So lets make the ridiculous assumption that HTML5 is finalized a week after IE9 RTM and contain severe breaking changes, probably a year or two before IE10 will be done. We are then to continue making our new websites compatible with IE9's then non standard compliant implementation of HTML5 for months or years, alongside browser specific versions for other browsers. We will once again, to save us the hassle of updating our old sites, be stuck designing our future websites around browserquirks instead of standards.

    I assume your HTML5 is the platform comment was a response to the "IE9 as the platform" part of my previous comment. Yes, HTML5 is the platform. It should be the platform, that was my whole point. It was Dean who referred to IE9 as the the video. IE9 shouldn't be the platform and the fact that he sees it as such is troubling.

  • Dean ​Hachamovitc​h: IE9 - Questions and Answers

    Terrible backpaddling from Dean in this video.

    Ever since IE9 was announced Dean and the IE team has been talking standards compliance. It has all been "standards, standards, standards!" and that the time of writing browser specific code is coming to an end.

    Now in this video when asked about what will happen if HTML5 is finalized during IE9's lifetime he's suddenly essentially saying that "IE9 as a platform > standards". I thought that kind of IE6 thinking was a thing of the past.

    Dean talks at length about not having us updating our websites everytime the standards change. What he's promoting is having us deal with browserquirks yet again. *sigh*

  • TechFest 2010: Microsoft ICE - Image Composite Editor

    Looks like the new build isn't available for download yet, or am I looking in the wrong place? I only see the one from 2008.

  • Graphics improvements in WPF 4

    There's a big problem with this video. All the screencaptures have very low framerate so during the demos of framerate improvements you can't even tell there's been an improvement.