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  • Manuel Clement and others - Introducing Sparkle

    Sparkle appears to show alot of promise. There is clearly advantage in such a tool with such intergration with Avalon. I can only asume it will be a tool also used by web developers who will deploy full sparkle web productions from servers. I am interested as to whether IE7 has native support for sparkle or whether a plugin will be required as required for their competer Macromedia/Adobe Flash8.

    I would make the asumption as IE is also an MS production their would be native support. Although that begs the question if MS will release plug-ins for competing browsers!!

    From what i gathered from the video shown, full applications could be ran off an internet server and asuming permisions and trust were allocated you could run this app much like any other windows exe. However i asume this is limited to Vista users because its vector based, although if its run thourhg a browser i guess it can run on any platform browser thats sparkle enabled

    I like the inclusion of 3D modeling and the simple way of converting 2D to 3D.

    I understand that all the features of sparkle werent demonstrated in this video, but i wonder if a Flash style filter system is available for the blending, drop shadow, glow etc effects. Like those featured in expression - graphics designer.

    I also noticed in the video when changing the depth of certain elelments they organised them, by selecting and sending to the back.... is there an alternative method of displaying the depth or layering of elements in sparkle?

    Over all i believe at some point this is a tool that i will have to have on my desktop, however as a current Flash user it may take more to move me away from the comfort zone. Unless im aiming for solid vista intergration or some form of 3D design. Although this is coming from a designers perspective, i believe coders may prefer this platform for the simple swap from code to WYSIWYG, as well as its C# roots.

    Although if Flash ever intergrates 3D..... and if AS2.0 is even more C# friendly.... although i know its already java friendly, ive not actually atempted to use C# with AS2.0

    oh and i really loved thedata binding concept. Esppecially being able to bring in the xml doc and see the nodes in a menu, something i could do with when developing in Flash

    p.s the scaling of the UI is an awsome feature......