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  • Ward Cunningham - Is there a revolution coming in the way people communicate?

    Ward is fast becoming one of my heroes.  I love the discussion of expressive code he begins.  It gels perfectly, in my mind, with the Robert Hess' comment that the biggest problem with teaching programmers is that they get used to writing sloppy code. 

    I write sloppy code because, as Ward says, I become reluctant to improve it once it works.  And if I never do that I will by definition rarely write truely expressive and elegant code.  So by spending my time almost exclusively producing first draft code, I nurture the habit of writing crappy code.

    Ward seems to have a lot of interesting (and inspiring) things to say about the philosophy of programming.  I wish I worked at microsoft so he could be my mentor.  Perhaps more videos from him might console me?
  • Peter Loforte - What is a Tablet PC doing when someone writes on the screen?

    Is there any convercence between Pocket PC and Tablet PC going on?  Will there be?  It seems to me that many of the APIs are useful across both platforms...I am doing Pocket PC development in the near future, and wondering whether I can plan/design to be able to extend more easily to tablet later.

    Also...does MS have plans for the physical convergence of the devices?  I think OQO ( is a bit ahead of the curve (almost premature) on this, but I see it as where the PDA and Tablet industry is headed...

  • Jim Newkirk and Ward Cunningham - What is Extreme Programming?

    I've read a lot about xp, good and bad, but not had a chance to really implement it.  However, I have found some of the ideas to be quite helpful- mostly the feedback loop and work process breakdown.

    It's cool to get inside what these two see as the spirit of xp.  Nice video!