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Simon May

Simon May sjrmay

Niner since 2013

Simon has over 10 years of experience in IT for financial institutions, utility and the healthcare sector. He's done everything from helpdesk support, desktop and server support and deployment, critical issue recovery and service and process management. He's now an Evangelist at Microsoft concentrating on how IT Professionals can embrace the cloud and consumerisation to deliver the best technologies and value to their businesses. Simon can mainly be found writing and blogging for Microsoft TechNet.

  • The Ops Team #005 - "Stuntman"
  • The Ops Team #004 - "A Dysfunctional Dongle"
  • The Ops Team #003 - "The Egg"
  • Continuous Innovation
  • Configuration Management
  • Identity and Security
  • Apps and Browser
  • Keynote
  • Nerding out with Surface Book
  • The Ops Team #002 - "Rick's finger"

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