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  • “WPF/E” Video Boot Camp - Microsoft Expression and Visual Studio 2005 – Ernie Booth

    I think this does the opposite of showing how good the workflow is. It looks very piecemeal and messy with the designer/developer combo having to have either quite a few skills or be very close to each other every step of the way. Imagine if you were on a much more complex project, this is a simple one and already doesn't look good.

    With all the great things that could have been shown here its a shame that we end up with an uninspiring 2D graphic and a poor workflow.

    Maybe try a bit harder next time to come up with a bit more of a WOW element.
  • Rob Relyea - There's Something About XAML

    nice video, i enjoyed watching it although i started to lose it a bit near the end as i was in over my head.

    which is the point i would like to make i guess. i am new to all things microsoft and my background is flash/actionscript 2.0. i started to learn xaml, visual c# and EID on June 1 but its slow going as there is so much underneath this stuff that makes it confusing for a beginner.

    ok here is my point. as a xaml beginner its very difficult to learn it 'off the bat' and what i mean is that i have found i must learn visual c# (i choose this route as its similar to actionscript) in order to make sense of some of the xaml. furthermore there are limited resources out there at the moment for learning xaml and of course things are changing quickly so its difficult to hold onto something.

    anyhow as i said i am making slow progress but Rob what would be your suggestions, if any, to someone who is new to this? (i was looking to fasttrack but that aint gonna happen)

    Note: I have worked through EID both from creating XAML from the UI and then checking it and XAML by hand and checking the UI. C# basics are ok so i have some idea. I have watched most of the videos (the mix ones are great) and hit any tutorial i can find. i purchased the xaml in a nutshell book (rubbish imho) and beginning visual c# 2005.