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  • Meet the People Behind Bing Photos

    Cool !! I am a daily viewer of bing pics and i was always wondering who selects these pics, and how they are embedding the videos in here. Thanks Channel9 all our questions got answered !!  @Bing Photos Selection Team: Please add more videos in the homepage instead of few per month.

    Wonderful Bing Pics archieve can be found here. by Long Zheng

  • Series Introduction - 01

    Thank you Channel 9 and Bob (guru) for this wonderful series. This is what we web dev aspirants waiting for. We have just asked the HTML & CSS basics tutorials in the end of C# fundamentals series and you have given us the latest HTML5, CSS3 tutorials, really a wonderful opportunity to learn the latest so gonna be a visual treat for all of us. Big Smile

    @Channel 9 Team and Bob: Expecting JavaScript & jQuery Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners !!

  • HTML5 and Modern Web Development

    Wonderful Series for the Web Developers, links provided in this session are very informative !!

    Expecting more this kind of sessions which increases the understanding of modern open web standards.