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  • Michael Wallent: Advent and Evolution of WPF

    charles wrote:
    one of the people who helped create DHTML

    So he helped create HTML,CSS and Javascript? Quite an achievement!
  • Michael Wallent: Advent and Evolution of WPF

    [quote user="sloppycode"]one of the people who helped create DHTML[/quote]

    So he helped create HTML,CSS and Javascript? Quite an achievement! Smiley
  • Windows Shell Architecture

    sparky wrote:

    What is so hard about documenting the interfaces?  Is it some zany attempt at a competitive advantage, or is it just laziness?

    I would say half of each. The standard of documentation for the .NET framework eclipses anything there is in windows, mostly because of the self documenting system c# has.

    You look at the windows api and there are zero examples on MSDN, you usually have to crawl google groups to find examples where people have done it before.

    The lack of documentation is no doubt laziness but it also seems that competitive advantage is motivating the project managers not to bother doing anything about the lack of documentation. Take Exchange server - it has the worst documentation you'll ever see. But if the Exchange team started doing exceptional documentation, a certain mail client may start finding it has competition from 3rd party mail clients, draining the money from Microsoft's biggest cash cow.

    My view anyway
  • Satya Nadella - Running the Dynamics Team

    ZippyV wrote:
    pringles wrote: This Microsoft Dynamics thing scares me.  If my clients knew about this application family, I'd be out of a job. 

    OK, so I don't really have clients yet.  But that's my dream; starting a business that builds line of business applications for my clients.  And my biggest selling point was gonna be that I am going to become an MCSE, an MCSD and an MCDBA. How am I going to do that when Microsoft itself has something that I couldn't do in my lifetime?

    I dunno.  It just makes me think I don't have a chance.


    Learn about the Dynamics products....

    "Crybaby". That seems like the sort of response you see on the World of Warcraft forums, or other forums full of equally inane conversations between lonely 13 year olds.

    Pringles makes a very valid point. However Microsoft are now very wary of creating monopoly products.
  • Bill Gates and Tim O'Reilly - A conversation at MIX

    Bill has a new york twang? Sounds Bronx like.

    Public speaking doesn't really suite him in my view, from the videos I've watched., atleast on a techie level - he comes accross as very self-conscious of being over technical but not being geeky enough.
  • Learn how 10 was made

    "10 is a place for people who want to use technology to change the world. "

    can we be a bit more specific?
  • Karsten Januszewski: WPF

    A question with an obvious answer perhaps, but does this technology mean that Windows Vista only runs with graphics cards with Direct X enabled? I tried the February CTP on a Virtual PC installation and got none of the translucent effects (or the 'rolex' alt-tab either Sad) so I'm wondering how it will work over virtual pc or remote desktop?

    Surely some apps won't work at all using these two technologies? Otherwise it must be a real pain to cater for non-DX enabled graphics cards.
  • Donal Manning - Heineken Ireland IT

    Sven Groot wrote:
    As a Dutchman, I feel it's my duty to point out that you misspelled Heineken in the title.

    In the UK a lot of European bear is actually brewed in London and gives you a stonking hangover. You have to buy it imported to get the decent real stuff. So this Heineken is about as Dutch as the Queen's whatnots.
  • Seventeen Minutes With Bill

    Zeo wrote:

    WOW! CHARLES WOW! THIS Video showcases the awesomeness that is Channel 9!

    Bill uses hotmail and Bill reads engadget! It's good to know that Bill actually gets to explore the same internet that everyone here at channel 9 has access too. That seems almost unreal. I guess the internet is the great equalizer.

    Is Zeo a forum actor, like those NVidia ones? Wink
  • Windows, NT Cache Manager - Molly Brown

    Charles wrote:
    Maurits wrote: Molly Brown, Going Deep...
    Why am I getting flashbacks of Debbie Reynolds singing "Belly up to the Bar, Boys"...

    I don't understand this. My hope is that it is not offensive.


    A pun I believe:
  • Nar Ganapathy - Windows, the IO Manager and Driver Model , Part I

    Try to ignore the urms Tongue Out
  • MIX06: What? Why? How?

    "leverage web based content services" uh huh. Hey guys we want to help you do this, p.s. have you seen our tool "Visual Studio", please stop lamp!

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