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  • What's New in XAML

    Tell me, is there a single person at Microsoft working on improving the tools that desktop application developers use?  I develop a C++ application for *businesses*, that set of customers that Microsoft seems to have decided it doesn't have to worry about for a while, too expensive for businesses to move off of Windows, so they can spend a few years focusing entirely on consumers.  The choice of app dev frameworks I have today consists of the older-than-the-Internet MFC and the somewhat cool but deader than dead (and frankly not performant enough anyway)WPF.  How about a XAML/C++/DirectX tool set for the desktop?  We sell a lot of our software to some very large customers, and none of them have asked us to port our application to WinRT, but they would like our software to continue to improve. 

    There was talk before //build/ that Microsoft was going to have something to say to Win32/desktop app devs at this year's build.  There was talk at last year's //build/ that Microsoft realizes they have some debt they need to repay to native code desktop developers.  None of that has come to pass.  I guess it was all just to sell tickets to //build/.