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Educated at the University of Missouri - Rolla in computer science and applied mathematics Shawn went to work in the web application division of the Zipatoni marketing company. After working on such sites as, and Shawn landed at NuParadigm building business applications.

As software engineer lead for the company's imaging and workflow automation suite called "DataFlow", Shawn's Web and Windows applications are ran in mission critical areas of the nation's...


  • Pablo Fernicola (and others) - An hour with the Avalon Team

    At one time I saw a video of an Avalon demo where the presenter quickly created a complex animated background similar to the background found in Windows Media Center.  Does anyone know where that video is at?
  • Charlie Owen and John Canning - Media Center exposed, Part II

    During this video there was a mention of podcasting using BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) to use up spare bits of bandwith to download RSS enclosures as a means to get video/audio/photo/etc content into your Media Center.

    Ironically enough, I've already developed this exact application and have been using it for months now.  I recently posted this as a free download @

    It's called DrizzleCast (because it "drizzles" the downloads to you quietly in the background using idle bandwith).  It's a podcast client for Windows that uses Microsoft BITS technology to download RSS enclosures using idle bandwith. 

    It's perfect for adding RSS enclosure (aka podcast) content to your Media Center.  We've used it to tune to the RSS feed for MSDN's Channel9 videos ( to download directly into My Videos and for .NET Rocks Internet Audio Talk Show ( to download directly to My Music.  Each day we come home and find new media content to check out directly in Media Center's 10 foot interface.

    The best part is that it's pretty automatic.  Just tell it what the RSS feeds with enclosures you're interested in, where you want it to download the data to, and let it do its thing.  It downloads the files quietly in the background when you're not actively using your network connection.