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  • Audio Fundamentals

    Okay, here's a new one for you.  I am trying to modify the MRDS4 code for Robotics tutorial 7 (Speech and vision in Robots).  I am using the Kinect for Windows (No XBox) and the Microsoft.Speech SDK 11.  I am programming in MS/VS 2010 (C#).  My goal is to make the follow me, and drive by voice, examples work with the 1.5 Kinect and the Microsoft.Speech 11 SDK's.  Has anyone accomplished this yet?  Running the original tutorial, with my Eddie Mark platform, netted some interesting results.  Nice slow turns when you say left or right but saying forward, or backward, the thing is a Jack Rabbit.  If you don't say stop 1 second after the forward command the thing will have traveled 6 feet.  I know that I just need to cut the speeds down in the original code.  But Microsoft is all happy over the Kinect 1.5 and the Speech SDK 11 so I want to run the tutorial under those librarys and manifests.  Needless to say the iRobot was the target of that tutorial.  Can anyone help me with this?

  • Creating Arrays of Values - 09

    I'm following the lessons and most of what I see I have seen before.  Let me qualify that statement.  Last programming I did was in College some 20 years ago and using Pascal 5.5.  With the Arrays lesson I now need to really pay attention.  My goal is to modify the Sophia Bot application which was written in 2007 by James Ashley and targeted the .Net 3.0 environment.  I am trying to use it as a voice interface for a Robot.  I am using VS 2010 and will be using the MS Speech SDK 11 because I am using the MS Kinect and there will be a lot of rules for the grammers.  The original program used the MS SAPI 5.0 TTS.  I have 2 questions: 1. Are the Arrays in C# infinite or is there a limit to the number of objects the Array can hold and is there a limit to the object size within the Array?. 2. I should have asked this at the beginning lesson but how do I determine which application to use when I start up VS 2010?  There are so many choices.  I really enjoy the lessons and you are doing a great job!!!!  Thanks for the hard work that was put into this series.