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I'm a technology and creative consultant, and a huge Apple fan (but I'm not biased or a fan-boy). My company, Team Spearfish, specializes in providing technology and creative services to small businesses, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. I'm interested in computers, music, writing, and comedy, and am a reality TV addict. I have absolutely no programming skills and I couldn't Photoshop something to save my life.


  • Ping 38: Facebook SDK, MSN Video, Bing, Bill Gates, IE8

    I am SO glad that finally someone touched on Microsoft's sites and branding being ridiculously redundant and complex.... I'm even happier that someone from inside Microsoft touched on it.


    I've hated the "Windows Live" branding for some time.... I think MSN made sense... it's a Microsoft Network.... but those websites weren't Windows.  In fact, I've long been an MSN user and Windows Live user, but I have a Mac.  Bing is a good move... so either pick Bing or MSN... or each to be accessible by the other.


    Hopefully more sites get this same treatment... and hopefully we finally get rid of Windows Live Hotmail and maybe either get Hotmail back, get MSN Hotmail, or Bing Mail.

  • Bill Gallagher - 17 Years at Microsoft

    Whoever filmed this video got really annoying with the constant laughing in the background.  Otherwise, it was really interesting.  I'm really enjoying the videos with employees telling stories of Microsoft's history.

  • Introducing Microsoft Office Starter 2010

    What are you talking about?  (Not trying to sound mean, I legitimately want to know what you're talking about.)  Do you mean Office 2007, or do you think there is a 2009 version of Office?  Why would Office 2010 not be a bad choice for starters... wouldn't a free version of Office 2007 be just the same?

  • Introducing Microsoft Office Starter 2010

    Honestly, I like the idea of Microsoft shipping a version of Office with new PCs instead of Works, but really, I think they kind of screwed up the idea.  If this product is going to replace Works, first, it should be available as a free download to anyone... not just something that is limited to the purchase of a new PC.  Second, there shouldn't be any advertising in the applications... especially if they are of reduced functionality.  Third, there should be a Mac version as well.  If Microsoft gives both Windows and Mac users a taste of Word and Excel for free, it'd satisfy the users that would probably keep using Works or just borrow a copy of Office from a friend, they'd get the word of mouth advertising from others saying that they wrote a document in Microsoft Word, and it'd wet the appetite of users who will probably end up springing for a copy of Microsoft Office to unlock more features and get more functionality.

  • Alex Kipman - Inside a MS Build Bug Triage meeting

    I couldn't hear any audio when I downloaded the video.  I'm running a Mac with Snow Leopard, and the video would play in QuickTime Player with no audio, and VLC threw a bunch of errors about not being able to find the right audio codec.  Is anyone else having trouble with the audio from this video?  I'm going to try to watch this in a Windows VM later, but I was just curious.