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  • Creating fluid and beautiful UI using the new Visual Layer

    If you were using WPF "way back in the day"...

    That comment/attitude explains a lot of my current frustration with Microsoft. We were sold on WPF and use it in a widely-distributed, commercial application. Well, let's just say we're NEVER bringing it to UWA due to being shoved aside as old tech with NO forward migration path. We MUST support users on Win7, Win8 and newer for MANY years. Yet MS includes this stuff only in the new OS. So enticing and so useless. 

  • Winning with Win2D

    I would LOVE to use this library. The reason why I haven't is....Windows 7.   No support for Win7 means the library is of no use to us and this fact will remain for many years. 

  • Windows Desktop Development: A Panel Discussion

    So utterly disappointing to watch this and hear the resignation that there will be no innovation or improvement in the desktop space. Supporting Win8 and newer is not an option. Our customers use Win7 and will for many many years (cf. XP retention). So, we'd like to move ahead, get faster, better, etc. So why is any innovation or improvement (ex. the touch friendly WPF control question) seen as a breaking change? Just add a NEW control and off we go. We'll use it. 

    For the Q about D3DImage. Give us SwapChainPanel in WPF on Windows 7. At a minimum. Our scientific data viz application will use it and benefit and we'll please more customers. We adopted WPF with the promise from MS that it's the future.. we've seen that we were lied to but we would at least appreciate some support. The point about using Snoop was perfect. Even game devs have it better with GPU debugging tools. WPF is DX so why don't those tools work there too? 

    After seeing this, I feel justified in not paying to attend BUILD this year. If I had, my trip report to the team would be "I attended BUILD and all I got was a lousy survey".  I requested ALL of these things at last years BUILD and people (Chris Anderson) dutifully wrote down our requests. I guess they were dropped in the trash when they returned to Seattle if we need to ask AGAIN. Where is the visionary Rob Relyea -- he was this close to solvinfg the Win32 airspace issues -- we watched the demo videos of early progress?

  • Windows Desktop Development Platform Advancements

    Why would I want to watch the "Windows Store Apps" course on Virtual Academy for more information about DESKTOP platform advancements?

  • Windows Desktop Development: A Panel Discussion


  • Inside Windows Phone #20: Tidy walk-through

    I would love to watch and learn from this but the audio is just too painfully low.

  • Inside Windows Phone 19:Mango ​documentati​on

    For phone dev, this will definitely be an improved experience. Thanks for that.

    That was indeed a very bad move switching dexplore to launching the browser. The lightweight viewer is a small step back toward what we had. Certainly there's a case to be made for wanting the docs when I'm disconnected but in my mind the better argument for not wanting the online docs is privacy. I don't want MS to track my usage of APIs.