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  • Office Communicator

    Manip, you should take a look at the Super Flexible File Synchronizer sw @

    Works splendidly on my tablet pc and synchronizes with my home pc over wifi. I'm not synching Outlook information, though. Have asked the developer to improve the program with regards of Outlook friendliness.

  • Introducing MSN Toolbar Suite - Silicon Valley team (and demo!)

    Congrats (to us all) with the new tool!

    Downloaded it yesterday and installed on my home pc. Some issues relating to regional and language, and some language packs needed to be installed. Luckily, this was included in the pack.
    Also some troubles after the installation has finished and the toolbars were  instantiated - nothing seemed to happen and I ended up with a blue screen. No, not the BSOD! Restarted the machine and everything was okay and available.

    I have used both the Lookout Search for Outlook tool and Google's Desktop Search for quite a while. Here are some initial findings after fiddling with the MSN Toolbar Suite (MSNTS) for half an hour this morning.

    I searched for the expression "strategy" in all the applications.
    Lookout found 777 items in 2,39 seconds, and Google found 283 items in 0,95 seconds.

    Using Outlook 2003, I searched Outlook in MSNTS. Found 206 items. No information on seeking time, but speed seems okay. Time indication should be added. It is not that I really need it but it would be an okay feature. What's more anoying to me is that the search result is opened in a new window. I would like to see the results hosted in Outlook. There should be an option to select this feature in the program. The result of a search in Explorer is presented within Explorer, and not in a new window.

    Still in Outlook, I select to search the desktop. Finds 321 items.
    The options in the header of the results page are a bit confusing. Selecting "Show: Email" indicates that there are 188 items. Selecting the Outlook option (above the search field) indicates that there are 206 items. How come there is a difference? I think the items found on the topmost row ("Web, News, Images ...") should be removed and placed as options in the more category.

    The toolbar in Outlook should also indicate more clearly where it is searching. You don't see which option is selected if you choose the Search button. In Explorer and IE it says "Search Desktop" or "Search Web"

    I think there should be an option to allow the reuse of the search expressions across the applications.

    Final thoughts. Good first impression of the beta. Think I'll stick with it and deinstall Lookout and Google, and hopefully save some disk space occupied by the different indexes, and save some processing time...

    Thank you guys!

  • Vladimir Rovinsky - Demo of just released Photo Story 3

    Downloaded the program yesterday, and it really is cool; easy and straightforward.

    One thing you guys should consider putting into the program is a mood/season/background feature; xmas is coming and it would be nice to select a background on which the clip is overlayed.

    .. also when selecting music one should be allowed to browse by play list or genre.