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  • IE 9: First look at the new JS Engine

    I request someone from the IE team to please give a straight answer right away. Will IE 9 run on Windows XP SP3 and Windows XP 64-bit SP2? If yes, will the XP version continue to use GDI? How will DirectWrite and Direct2D for XP be handled bcoz there's no WDDM! You can't kill support for an OS that 70% of the installed base use.

  • Introducing Microsoft Office Starter 2010

    And what is to replace the Works database which was simplified than Access? Where is the stripped down Access and where is the stripped down PowerPoint? There's Windows Journal for OneNote-like functionality and Windows Live Mail which is Outlook light. What will happen to the Works database?

  • Windows 7: Find and Organize Part 1 - The User Experience

    Dear shell team, I refuse to upgrade ever until you fix ALL of these issues:

  • The History of Microsoft - 1994

    Multimedia Strauss!!! I had a copy of that CD but lost it. Does Microsoft sell archived content?

  • Mark Russinovich and David Solomon: Windows Internals 5 Released

    Wish this is available in the Microsoft Press free book of the month offers.

  • Application ​Compatibili​ty - MSI Installer Issues

    I had to switch to XP simply because of the time MSI apps and Hotfix apps take to install on Vista. Just the other day I installed .NET 3.5 64-bit from the full downloaded setup and it took nearly 45 mins on a clean Vista install. I have a Core 2 Duo system with 2 GB RAM, not even 6 months old.
  • Peter Sestoft: Inside The C5 Generic Collection Library for C# and CLI

    I stopped downloading videos because of the insane file sizes..(cough) Today in 2008 we have both, H.264 and PCs capable of playing it. (cough) And when you guys switched to Silverlight, I come here less frequently now. I've found media streamed using Silverlight to be the worst performer in the industry...nowhere do my videos stick so much than MSN Video, 10, Channel9 or Also, Silverlight do not seem to cache the already downloaded/streamed part of the video. It doesn't give as much flexibility as the WMP ActiveX control did.
  • IE 8: On the Path to Web Standards Compliance - ACID 2 Test Pass Complete

    Congrats to the IE team. I've 1000+ rants and bug reports but I don't want to discourage you right now. Btw, if:

    "We’re building IE8 for many different customers (consumers, web service providers, independent software vendors, enterprises, web developers, and others." then how about also building IE8 for media and print/photo professionals and including JPEG 2000, HD Photo, SVG, APNG and ICCv4 color management support and A-V tags, opacity: value; etc?

    I hope the IE does not forget over time that "Acid2, is by no means a complete measure of CSS standards support and CSS is not the only standard. In fact, many IE issues are not CSS-related."

    And btw, if you don't continue to release IE9,10,11 for XP, forget it. I'll still be pissed off. Because Opera 9 also runs on Windows 95 and MS should make a browser independent of their beloved OS. It is not just your duty to support Windows XP, people won't care about IE and use some other browser, its share will increase if you don't keep supporting XP even when Windows 7 or 8 comes out.

    And I second a public bug-tracking system. And "third" a ""Fix the "Operation Aborted" JS DOM error.""

    And as a punishment to MS for not supporting standards for sooooo long, I probably won't switch to IE8 if all is supports is just Acid2 compliance...maybe IE9 raises the standards compliance to 98% +, then I'll surely consider.

    Lastly, I expect IE8 to be performant enough, definitely not cause as much speed lag as IE6=>7 transition.

  • Soma, Carol Grojean, Jeff Beehler: Visual Studio 2008 RTM!!!

    I was not referring to .NET 1.0 which shipped with VS.NET 2002 and for which SP3 is the latest service pack. I was asking about .NET 1.1 which ships with VS.NET 2003 and for which SP1 shipped with Windows XP SP2. Are there plans for a .NET 1.1 SP2? Smiley
  • Soma, Carol Grojean, Jeff Beehler: Visual Studio 2008 RTM!!!

    Amazing, this IDE just keeps getting more powerful. Congrats to your team.

    1.  Will 2005 Express editions remain available for download and for how long?

    2.  Is pricing the same? Can I upgrade from 2005 Standard to 2008 Pro for the upgrade price?

    3.  Will retail purchase be only available after the February launch?

    4.  Any other minor features dropped in 2008 apart from J#?

    5.  All websites will be updated soon or after the launch? I would like a detailed comparison table for editions, more detailed than the one for VS 2005. Is developing a Windows service for example not available yet in Standard edition?

    6.  Are there ANY plans for servicing .NET 1.1 SP1?

  • James Clarke: Creating Silverlight Media with Expression Media Encoder

    Now, we only need a tool like Logic Express or iMovie and GarageBand? Whatever happened to Microsoft Monaco? Was it cancelled?
  • Mark Russinovich: From Winternals to Microsoft, On Windows Security, Windows CoreArch

    Pls pls pls do more interviews with Mark. Tongue Out

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