Shayne Boyer

Shayne Boyer spboyer


Niner since 2011

I started at the age of around 10 when my Dad bought that tan colored mammoth of a machined called the Commodore 64. My tools of the trade where hours of reading code to him out of the back of Compute Magazine with a ruler going blind in the process. Ugh! It really was a long night if something was mis-typed... But I tell you I can read code like no one's business and I got to the point where I could see what was coming next and so on.

Well, he decided to upgrade to the fancy Commodore 128 and I got the 64 to dink around with, well since I had so much experience reading the code to him, I decided I would give it a hack and wrote my first text based role playing game at 11. It was fun for me to play and so started the journey.

I didn't touch a PC again until after college when AOL came out, then "view source" was discovered and I learned HTML that way. I've started User Groups for Windows Phone, worked in Government Software, Public Records Systems, created major reservations systems for Cruise Companies and worked for a mouse.

I love to teach regardless of the student, and I'm not afraid to be the student. In my off time, I enjoy any time with my wife and kids or training for my next triathlon.