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  • Expression - Part Three: Blend

    Thanks for the quick reply. Let me expand on it a bit.

    So far all I have seen is small little examples of what WPF apps might look like, with the exception of Blend and Design.

    The apps that are being shown in the web casts are horrid. Win32 looks a lot better.  You guys have done a great job, and I am sure 80% of your time has been spent re-iterating design instead of real UI coding (we acknowledge you are breaking new ground here), but I'm sure you'll be the first to admit that these apps are 20+ man years in the making.

    One nice looking app is the medical patient app demo.  Nicely done. But as you dig into it you find a huge amount of code+XAML and an app that probably has 10% of the functionality that it would need in the real world.  It staggers the mind to think what it would take to build the full application.  Is this the intent for WPF apps, limited to only large development efforts and budgets? Or is there something else happening within say, a year?

    I'm thinking about the bread and butter clients who need me to do a database app. Do I tell him that WPF is not really an option, yet? I guess to some extent, the idea that I need a dedicated UI designer (who is not a coder) already answers my question to some extent. I have never seen a budget that would include such a position. I guess I was hoping that I, as a coder, could make the switch to using WPF, but I guess that isn't going to happen soon.

  • Expression - Part Three: Blend

    I haven't finished downloading the video to watch yet, but I have some questions about best practices.

    I have done quite a bit of experimenting with WPF, XAML and the current CTP of expression designer. I feel I 'get it' for the most part. I can do little demos and small simple apps all day long, but putting together a 'real' app seems rather intimidating. Part of me worries that WPF may be a bit 'early' in maturity in that the strong flexibility seems to correspond to the same flexibility that assembly language has.

    Is there anything coming down the road to reduce the repetitive and mundane low level effort needed to build a 'real' application?

  • Expression - Part Three: Blend

    Blend outputs XML files. Treat them as any language source (plain old text).

    As far as accessing the source control product from within the product, I guess it will have some.  I personally prefer to use source control externally (SVN instead of source safe).
  • Anders Hejlsberg and Chris McConnell: Reflections on LINQ, Desktop Search, WinFS, Functional and Int

    I hope down there road there is some serious performance gains over using stored procedures.

    Think about what is happening. LINQ is building decision trees, translating to SQL - sending it across the wire. SQL server takes the SQL builds decision trees and executes it. 

    It doesnt take much imagination to elliminate a lot of overhead. Not to mention the performance advantage against competing products.

    Stored procedures are tools of the dinosaur age. The sooner we get rid of them the better.