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  • WPF Improvements in Visual Studio 2010 for Building Business Apps

    Interesting comments on quality of the video. This is a subject I am hugely interested in. I watched the video for less than a minute before i stopped it. I did not know it could get worse.
  • Lawson Smart Office brings WPF goodness to the enterprise

    Don't get me wrong, I fully understand the hoops the developers had to jump through to design this, but the end results are so disappointing.


    It looks to me as though it is just an application that emulates a UI that we already have with the windows desktop - what new does this bring to the table?


    I have worked on 2 decent sized applications in WPF myself and I am finding the technology to be so immature at this point it has not been worth the effort. While I am sure the technology is capable, I have to compare it to writing assembly language code - true that there is nothing that cannot be done, but the effort to get there is ridiculous. Like HTML, visual design tools exists (Blend) but they often come up way short on actually accomplishing the goals and you must resort to hand coding most of the time. For my last project we got so frustrated trying to use Blend to hatch ideas we went back to Photoshop. I thought the idea was to avoid that?


    When will WPF move beyond being a 'does small fancy visual demos' release and become something useful?  The health care CUI is the only thing I have seen that looks headed in the right direction, but that too stops way short of actual functionality and is geared at just being a cute demo. The source for it has not been released and I would venture that it is because it is embarrassing to show how much work it took to make a non-functional application.


    Anyhow, someone at Microsoft needs to wake up.  Great idea, poor execution.