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Scott spivonious
  • Impressions of Windows 8

    , Jock0 wrote

    @00010101:Not true really.  However, Microsoft is following and not leading anymore.  What they were really were good at...The operating system is now in the back seat.  Apps that we don't need or want are up front.  Things like SEARCH don't work...What a shame indeed.

    Search doesn't work? I love the integrated search introduced with 8.1.

    I do agree that MS needs to stop chasing others and start innovating again, but they need to do some amount of chasing just to catch up and not completely lose the market.

  • So is SQL Server 2014 in memory Hekaton gonna crush nosql?

    , figuerres wrote


    You seem to be assuming worst case, if the server and database are setup halfway right then the tables and indexes will be in memory; a more normal run will have no disk Io. and just some CPU time to make the result set. 

    Agreed. Even if the data is too large to be in memory, you would still have indexes supporting the query stored in one page.

    , bondsbw wrote


    If you have several gigabytes or terabytes of data, then I doubt all of your tables and indexes will be in memory.

    If we're talking about some tiny database, then what's to debate?  Most anything you throw at it will be fast enough.

    Absolutely. The need for NoSQL came about from Google and Facebook handling terabytes of data. But web programmers seem to be jumping all over MongoDB even for tiny datasets. Part of me wants to think that it's because they're too lazy to learn SQL and want to do everything in JS. A good, well-setup RDBMS can be extremely fast and efficient.

  • So is SQL Server 2014 in memory Hekaton gonna crush nosql?

    I have a question for the noSQL guys.

    Let's say I have a standard customer order system. 

    Customer has many Orders

    Order has many Items


    How do I get the number of Hammers ordered? I don't care about any Customer or Order information. In an RDBMS, this is easy - I just query the Items table for hammers.

    In MongoDB, for example, using embedded documents, I'd have to dig my way through the Customer document, Orders collection, Items collection to get at each Item, or I'd use document references, which is just duplicating the relational structure, so I get no benefit (plus no enforcement of foreign keys, so I could add an item that doesn't exist).

    Am I missing something?

  • WP 7.8 - It's here and how to get it

    , magicalclick wrote

    Dude, don't necro the dead thread please.

    I felt it was the proper place to put my message, as I'm sure jinx will want to try this as well.

  • WP 7.8 - It's here and how to get it

    So I was browsing around today and found that if I "debrand" my phone, I get the update notifications. The proxy blocks it here at work, but I'm definitely going to try it when I get home.


    I can't wait to get rid of the stupid disappearing keyboard bug.


  • Finally WP8 calender monthly has easily visible HasEvent indicators.

    Can I set recurrences by using things like "3rd Tuesday of every month"? I'm still on WP7.5 and it bugs me that I can't do this.

  • So is SQL Server 2014 in memory Hekaton gonna crush nosql?

    Where did this myth that RDBMS is slow come from? We handled millions of records with complex joins at my last job and Oracle didn't break a sweat. It just required setting up the tables correctly.

  • Somebody please explain me the use of RenderBody and Render​Section by comparing it with Masterpage with multiple ​ContentPlace​Holders

    , bsuren wrote

    Hi All

    I am totally new to ASP.NET  MVC.

    Now am trying to understand the materpage like concept in MVC . As far as i know there is something called _Layout.cshtml  which will act like Masterpage but i dont know the corresponding item for Contentplaceholder which exists in asp.net masterpage.

    1. Is it rendersection which is similar to Contentplaceholder in masterpage >
    2. How to add multiple ContentPlaceHolder like in Layout.cshtml?
    3. What is the user of Renderbody and its corresponding item in ASP.NET Masterpage

    i have read some articles in codeproject and lot of article but nothing clearly explains this...

    1. Yes. Be sure to set required: false if the section won't be on every page.
    2. Just add multiple RenderSection calls with different names.
    3. RenderBody is a placeholder for everything on the page not contained within a @section{}.
  • Getting a property name as a string.

    @boxtype: You're looking for Reflection. You can get info about any type at runtime.



  • Win Phone 8.1 beef.

    , magicalclick wrote

    I don't know this is a good thing or not. But MS is de-hubbing the WP. It now looks closer to iOS or Android with different themes. I guess it is a good thing because that's what is popular right now.

    I just read a user review of the Lumia Icon that didn't like the People hub because it grabbed data from everywhere and put it in one place. I don't understand that myself; the aggregation is one of my favorite features of WP.