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Scott spivonious
  • Windows 10 stinks!

    @DeathByVisualStudio: The UI has been getting gradual improvements since the first preview. It started out basically being Windows 8 with a start menu. Now it's got a responsive menu and much better Metro-app support. We'll get there, but I wouldn't expect a feature lockdown/consumer preview until at least June, with formal release happening sometime in October.

    I disagree with you that the UI is a disaster. I think it needs some major tweaking, and I'm sure they're working on it. The build we have is months old at this point.

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    @bondsbw: If that's the case, they would need to get an OEM release out within a few weeks. Back-to-school shopping starts in late July.

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    Tablet Mode needs some work, definitely. Remember that this is just a preview. Despite media reports, I don't think MS is targeting a Summer release for Windows 10. Maybe a beta release. I don't think we'll see the final version until at least October.

  • Jeremy Clarkson Fracas

    I enjoyed Top Gear, but it has become a caricature of itself. Jeremy is an *, James is old and slow, Richard is young. Rinse, repeat.

    I think we'll either see all new hosts, or the show cancelled. I lean towards all new hosts, since I'm sure it brings in a lot of money for the BBC.

  • Windows 10 stinks!

    Remember that it's really still in an alpha state. Things are changing build to build.

    I think MS is on the right track with the Continuum start menu. Anyone who used Windows 8 on a tablet knows that the UI was almost perfect. If they can get the OS to adapt the UI based on how you're using it, that would be the best of both worlds. Being able to run the same apps on Xbox, Phone, Tablet, and PC is huge and should attract more devs to the Windows Store.

  • ROM to convert Android phones to Windows ....

    It seems like this is just to provide a way to test it on a certain Chinese phone, but there may be a market for that in the U.S., at least among the techies. "Tired of your Android phone crashing all of the time? Flash Windows 10 and give it a try."

  • www.​channel9.​club (beta live) :)

    @jamie: I don't see a way to login?

  • www.​channel9.​club (beta live) :)

    @jamie:So what are the plans for this? Is it always just going to be an iframe to this site, or will it eventually have more content?

  • www.​channel9.​club (beta live) :)

    @jamie: You might want to set that password input to type="password".  

  • While Microsoft gets fat fingers on hamburger menus, google goes on a diet

    lol, MS does everything first but loses. Then a "cool" company comes along and copies them and wins.