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Scott spivonious
  • IOS10 - Home Automation

    @TexasToast: But isn't the whole point of IoT that the devices are on the Internet, not just the LAN? Control your lights from work, see if your laundry is done from the restaurant down the street, etc.

  • An opinion about windows 10 pc and windows 10 phone

    @wkempf: I think the Anniversary update took care of the notification sync...as far as shared message history, I think this will be coming in the next Skype update.

  • Using multiple user controls with modal popup

    Could you provide more info? What platform are you developing on? Could you post some code?

  • are degrees worth anything ?

    @cheong: #2 the interviewer was probably not technical and thought SQL92 meant MS SQL Server 92, meaning that you're stuck in the past and have no experience with modern DBs.

    #1 is just rude.



    I have a BS in Comp Sci, and if someone asked me about red-black trees today I wouldn't even know where to start. That was almost 15 years ago and I haven't used it since.

  • Is anyone considering voting for Gary Johnson?

    , LaBar wrote

    But a vote for Johnson is really a vote for Trump. He (Johnson) won't win.

    This attitude is why we're stuck with two terrible candidates. I think Johnson will attract votes from both Republicans (fiscally conservative) and Democrats (socially liberal).

  • are degrees worth anything ?

    So many universities' comp sci departments are still stuck in the 70s when it comes to programming. I learned a lot about C++, Big O notation, and formal logic, but extremely little about OO design, architecture, SOLID, UX/UI, unit testing, AI, HTML/CSS/JS and pretty much any other practical skills. Only one of my professors had real-world experience, and even she was only out there for a couple of years before going into teaching.

    I went to school in the early 2000s and the labs were running Solaris. 90% of computers are running Windows in some form, and they're still developing against *nix. They have a Windows lab now, but I doubt the curriculum has changed much.

    I think universities need to make a clear distinction between Computer Science and Software Engineering. You can't learn both in four years.

  • I am taking a year off from the Internet

    @TexasToast: Seriously. I'd have trouble getting through a week without hitting up StackOverflow at least once.

  • Surface Phone announcement at IFA

    The problem with MS exiting the mobile market is that it kills the main reason for UWP.

    Maybe they finally got the Android emulation working and are going to announce a Windows 10 Mobile phone that runs Android apps?

  • Is anyone considering voting for Gary Johnson?

    I voted for him last time around, and I'll probably vote for him again. Trump is a terrible person who will be a terrible diplomat (the President's main job), and I don't trust Clinton at all.

    I really hope Johnson gets included in the debates. He has a chance to be a real choice this election (much like Ross Perot back in '92).

  • XBoxOne kills OTA DVR?!

    Just saw this thread. This is a huge mistake by MS. Hopefully Silicon Dust is able to bring DVR to the Xbox One through their app. I have an HDHomeRun on my network and would love to be able to use it with the Xbox TV support. Until then, I keep my old HTPC running Windows 8.1 w/ Media Center around.

    I wish I could say I was surprised by MS's decision, but after the past few years I'm beginning to believe that they have zero clue how to make products that consumers want. Strange decisions like killing OneDrive placeholders, killing Media Center, releasing crap hardware for their otherwise excellent mobile OS, half-finished Windows releases, releasing hardware that won't properly go to sleep, the list goes on and on.