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Scott spivonious
  • How to work with data from a data base for unit testing

    Nevermind. I should really read all of the posts before replying.

  • Did your Surface screen crack?

    @figuerres: Pro 3, i3 64GB.

  • Did your Surface screen crack?

    , ianmace wrote


    Well, I just cracked my Surface pro 3 in front of a client. The surface was sitting on my office desk to my right, switched on, with the side stand open at a normal viewing angle. I reached out placed my left hand thumb at the top left hand corner of the surface with my four fingers behind, while grabbing the keyboard with my right hand at the bottom right hand corner of the keyboard...

    Get this, as I picked this up we heard a click and as I looked closely the top left hand corner beneath my thumb print was pushed in...Unbelievable!!!

    The surface has been lovingly owned and well looked after and I don't have the heavy hands of a giant...Wht would my thumb break the screen? Unless there is a weak point there!

    Taken it straight to the place it was purchased only 4 months ago...

    Watch this space!!!


    I gently pushed in that spot and you can see the screen flex. Interesting!

  • I predict the new Macbook 12" will sell a lot ... if

    We just picked up a base model SP3 last week. Fan only audibly runs under heavy load (churning through the 300 windows updates, installing VS, etc.). Under normal use (browsing, videos, etc.) it's silent.

    We got the keyboard cover as well, but surprisingly haven't used it much. The kickstand is awesome and for our main uses, a keyboard isn't needed. I think that if I were really going to use it as a dev station, I'd get the docking station and plug in a real keyboard and mouse.

  • Will there be Win10 Beta

    I'm sure we'll get an RC build, but we might not know it. It will just update the TP builds out there to the latest build.

  • microsoft visual studio

    @eddie4: Not yet. https://code.visualstudio.com//

  • Windows 8 is finally paying off for Microsoft!

    My first event-based programming experience was crafting custom characters in a DOS game called ZZT. Before that, I was making simple procedural programs in QBasic, and before that AppleBasic on the family's Apple II/c.

    The barrier to entry for programming has never been lower. I can open Notepad and start writing JavaScript. I can download VS Express and start making Windows apps. I can download Eclipse and start making Android apps.

    My first Windows programming was only after I bought Borland C++ at a store and read some books on how to use it and target Win32. When was the last time you bought software at a real store?

  • WP IE execute spams.

    @magicalclick: Visiting a store URL on the phone will send you into the store app instead. I don't have an 8.1 phone to confirm that on, but it's how it works on my 7.8 phone.

  • Windows 10 is mobilised

    HP has/had a Stream7 tablet. That would fall into the <8" screen size category, but it's running an Intel Atom SoC. Does it get Windows 10 Mobile, and if so, will it let the user install x86 apps?

  • Windows 10 is mobilised

    @bondsbw: I suspect that's their reasoning as well, but why not just call it "Windows 10"? It's the same OS, just compiled for ARM, or MS has been lying to us.