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  • Happy 10th Channel 9

    Bill Hill started my interest in C9.  I've been hooked since.

    It's sad to hear Bill is gone, but thankfully C9 existed to have captured such great wisdom and commentary from him.

  • Bill Buxton and Jeff Han - Part 4 of 4

    Great series of interviews.

    So, this last discussion begs the question...when are you going to get Jeff by himself to talk about what he's been up to since the move to Microsoft?  I'd like to see what we can expect from his team and the tech he's been dabbling with.

  • A Look at SkyDrive on Xbox One

    When will X1 support MultiMon? I'd really like that. Pretty Please.

  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview Demo

    Big problem. How do I install this guy over my Dev Preview? I don't have enough disk space after downloading the new install files.  I'd like to build a bootable Flash drive to install off.  Is there an option for this with the Consumer Preview install?

  • Mike Angiulo Unboxes the Build Hardware With Us

    I nominate Angiulo to do all Microsoft Keynote presentations from here on out. He always does an outstanding job.

  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    Ok, so I'm trying not to be alarmist here.  I've read through most of your posts and I share some of your worries, all based on what we've all heard and seen so far, but I'll wait for BUILD to learn more specifics.  Until then though, here's my hopes and take away.


    1) The new UI and direction... I like what I see.  It's not how I would have designed it, but I like some of the paradigms introduced. As a longtime proponent of WebOS, I can't help but notice how much of what's RIGHT about this UI has likely been gleaned from Palm's creation.  The off-screen swipe moves are a neat evolution of Palm's ideas.  I think Angiulo's demo shows best why. The ability to do common functions without having to set your handheld device down is great.  I also like the de-emphasis on chrome and as a designer, I love the idea of showcasing my app natively in full screen, sans buttons or toolbars. It's visually beautiful, even with the simple designs that Metro promotes.

    The parts that I don't like about this new UI direction are the fact that the old desktop UI isn't dead. What I mean by this is that I feel like the new Windows 8 chromeless design is better suited to portable touch devices, not keyboard/mouse apps.  They really should have kept them separate.  I know they think it's a good idea to combine them; it's not, and every demo I've seen has proven it with all the mistakes that they keep making while trying to do things.  It just makes the otherwise smooth interface look clunky and obviously ill suited.


    2) HTML5/JS/CSS vs WPF/SL/XNA.  So, I was initially upset when they de-emphasized tried and true (and powerful) for the Web standards route, but more and more I just don't believe it's a case where we won't be able to take advantage of WPF, etc in the Metro UI.  The example of IE browsing is spot on.  Although, Microsoft has shown in past (WP7 anyone??) that they may allow certain things for first party apps and lock out third party devs from the same goodness.

    In my rather unsubstantiated prediction however, I believe it will be the case that they prefer us to use simple web standards when creating simple Media Consuming apps and the more powerful coding options for more substantial apps.  Much the same way that in WP7 you have access to XNA for the heavy pixel precision gaming apps and Silverlight for the regular menu heavy media consuming apps.

    Also, doesn't Visual Studio 2010 (SP1) have support for web standard language validation and intellisense?  If it doesn't, I imagine it'll be made available post the BUILD conference.  IWO, I'm not worried about having to troubleshoot missing semicolons and tags in my Win 8 code.

  • Microsoft Surface 2 SDK at Mix 11

    playback not working.

  • Countdown to MIX11: Joe Belfiore Talks Phone

    I like the enthusiasm.  I hope many of you will be at MIX.

    I'm a former Palm Pre user who switched to WP7 because of the potential presented.  Now that WebOS has a second lease on life under HP, I'm seriously considering moving back to that platform.  I'll wait to see what Belfiore and Microsoft say during MIX next month and make a final decision then.  btw, I was a Windows Mobile user before I switched to WebOS.

    I've convinced 8 people to buy a Windows Phone, that's laymen to techies.  Family, friends, and co-workers.  We each have similar and different needs, but after a few months of working with the phones, the lack of quick and timely updates and fixes to bugs and missing features has caused most of those to switch either back to their original phones (mostly iPhone users) or a different competing platform (Android).

    I realize that much of it has been false expectations, but putting out word about a "January" update, oh no wait that's Fe..March, and still here we are in March with said update looking to be out in April.  Who could blame us for those "unreasonable" expectations.

    Speaking for myself here, but I guess I had better hopes for this platform just based on how well updates are handled on the PC and iOS.  I mention iOS because someone brought it up above, but why are Microsoft products on iOS better than their WP7 counterparts?  It's hard to convince people to switch when they literally get a better product (by the same company) on a competing platform.

    If I might request that Belfiore and team seriously consider smaller more frequent updates, instead of these bigger spaced out ones.  At the very least, you could put out "fixes" on the interim while we wait for those NoDo and Mango updates.

    As a tech enthusiast I'd love to see new features (and first party apps), but I'm far more concerned about a lack of fixes to existing functionality.  There's the contacts issue that surfaced recently and yet to be fixed.  Some functionality (like People Hub facebook integration) hardly ever works.  How about fixing those in the interim while we wait for the meatier stuff.  Show us you're paying attention to our needs.  It'll go a long way to calming the vast majority of us.

  • Windows Phone 7 Jump Start (Session 19 of 19): Ask the Experts podcast

    If I may make a request.  I'd like to see a deep dive on Data Binding with Expression Blend.

  • NAB: Silverlight in 3D

    anaglyph? seriously?

  • Microsoft announces Kin! The next Windows Phone (Formerly code named Pink): Full Demo

    Can I actually make phone calls with the KIN?  I don't think I've seen any demos of that functionality.

    I hope this phone is targeted for the 49.99 price point.  I think it could do well and sell like hotcakes based on the features shown off.

  • Connected Show Podcast - Is That A Phone In Your Pocket?!

    I absolutely agree with the government analogy between Apple and Microsoft (or really most every other corp).  I've personally used USSR as the comparison, but China is probably the more accurate choice.


    Good discussion folks. I think I'll be adding this podshow to my favourites.