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  • C9 ​Conversatio​ns: Yuri Gurevich On Logic, Imperative, Abstraction and Algorithms

    Very nice interview and what a great man!!!

    I just have one small suggestion here... With all respect to the interviewer, when someone like Yuri is the interviewee, it's better to have someone who is close to him and having an angle on theoretical computer science. What happens here is that, the discussion starts with a divide and both the parties are slowly bridging the gap. Yuri is trying to be as simple as possible, trying to materialize questions in his own format, checking to see how good the question is, whether the question is a genuine one OR is it something that seems genuine, but actually is by chance making him think so. So that's why he is not able to go at a pace he likes. If the interviewer was someone close to Yuri, then he knows that this guy (the interviewer) is someone who understands his language and that makes the conversation seamless OR friction less. That makes the interview more enjoyable for people who understand what Yuri is taking about. Trust me; if someone who understands Yuri's language sees this interview, he is going to have the same difficulties that Yuri is facing in the interview. 


    Hope my theory is understood Smiley, But anyway Charles, you have done a good job, appreciate it a lot.

  • Bharat Shah: Microsoft Online Services Overview

    Very good talk, simple and informative.

  • Ping 39: Chrome is here, Dancing in MS Stores, Iphone & Bing

    I also have some reviews on Chrome OS posted on my blog. I am using Blogspot, writing posts criticizing them and requesting them to put Ads in that blog and pay me money. How cool is that? Smiley But they are constantly rejecting my application Smiley



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